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Additionally, each domain tree has a single domain controller within the organization that acts as a GCS used for query support across domains. Information stored on this server is gathered from replica data passed throughout the directory structure by domain controllers. GCS is discussed in depth later in the chapter. The naming context of the domain consists of the actual container objects that exist in the local domain directory and their respective nomenclature. This information is used in locating directory objects through the use of names. Examples of these containers are:
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FIGURE 24.2 The PropertyManager for a table-driven BOM
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Figure 18.11 shows various settings for displaying the icons in the Design Library. Which one you select will depend on your screen resolution, the number of icons that you want to display, and the quality of the preview images.
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Enabling and Disabling DDL Triggers
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Beginning at the top of the list, Delegate control allows a group or user the authority over the domain object (or whichever object was selected in the console hierarchy). This is helpful in delegating authority to domains or domain objects. If this is a child domain, a group from a parent domain may be placed as the delegated authority for the domain, or other such useful functions (see Figure 15.4). The Find feature allows a search of published objects in the directory to quickly find and manipulate resources. In large domains and trees, this function will be invaluable due the sheer enormity of objects that may exist (see Figure 15.5).
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In this mode of operation, a (virtual) connection is set up before data transfer between two SCCP users takes place. We distinguish two connection types. Temporary connections are established and released at the start and end of a transaction. Permanent connections are long-term connections that can be set up and released only by administrative or maintenance personnel. Connection-oriented service is the preferred way for transactions that involve the transfer of large amounts of data, which puts a momentary heavy load on the involved subsystems and the signaling network. Transactions of this nature are not call-related and can be deferred, say, for several minutes. Connection-oriented service gives the called subsystem an opportunity at the time it receives a connection request to determine whether it can handle the transaction at this time. If yes, it accepts the request. If not, it refuses. This avoids cluttering up the network with messages that cannot be processed anyway. ITU-T has de ned two classes of connection-oriented service [4,7]: basic connection-oriented service (class 2) and connection-oriented service with ow control (class 3). When reading this section, it is helpful to look up the message contents (Table 15.2-2), and the parameter descriptions (Section 15.2.3). 15.4.1 Primitives
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FIGURE B.56 Dimensions options
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