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Part IV Enterprise Data Management
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Ontology technology should be moved to the next level by letting the semantics emerge from the way in which knowledge is accessed and used. Centralized ontologies are too static when they are de ned in a slow, centralized process while the users interests/perspectives they re ect change fast and
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At this point, your design is mostly complete, and all major page elements are there. Although a designer often examines his or her work pixel by pixel during the entire process, now is the time when you re most likely to step back and ask: Does this work Very often, I ve come this far in a design and abandoned it. However, for a mockup going to a client, this one will suffice. All that remains is the inclusion of some of the basic elements that make up any web page, such as a footer and perhaps some widgets at the top. Figure 12.22 shows the final composition as it heads to the client. Use the File Save for Web & Devices command to export the entire image as a JPEG (which makes it easier for your client to open). I cover this feature in more detail shortly. This is what you ll send, while keeping your many-layered composition in the PSD format. Figure 12.22 The finished design
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100 nm, width 5 mm, length several centimetres) deposited on a silicon wafer (thickness 550 m) was used. The gold L radiation (E = 9.71 keV) was measured by an energy dispersive detector (Si(Li)) as the gold edge was scanned through the beam. Figure 3.4.3(b) shows the scan through the microbeam in the vertical direction. A vertical beam width of 480 nm was measured. Including diffraction and roughness, a beam size of 450 nm is expected. The horizontal microbeam size is one order of magnitude larger due to the larger source size. It was measured to be 5.17 m (FWHM) as compared to the theoretical value of 5.7 m (FWHM). The measured transmission Tp = 0.114 % yields an average lens thickness of d = 5 m on the optical axis. The measured gain is 367 as compared to the theoretical value of 340 that is slightly smaller due to the discrepancy in the horizontal beam size. The background of the microbeam contributes to the signal obtained in microprobe applications. In principle, a deconvolution with the point-spread function is necessary to remove the contribution of the background. Although the intensity of the background radiation is generally small, it may contribute signi cantly to the signal, since the area over which it is integrated is several orders of magnitude larger than the lateral area of the microbeam. The background is therefore an important characteristic of the microbeam.
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You may expect that with the training assembly, there is an extra burden of file management with Smart Components. This may seem counter-intuitive, but in fact, the only file that you need to worry about is the Smart Component itself. This is not explained very well (or at all) in any of the documentation, but the Help and every reseller demonstration that I have seen on the topic all recommend that you simply delete the training assembly once you are done with it because it is not needed any more. This seems like saying that you should delete all of the mates in an assembly or the sketch relations in a part. How do you edit the Smart Component if you delete the assembly in which it is created It turns out that all of the information to recreate the training assembly is stored in the Smart Component itself. This includes the in-context feature (which is stored as a library feature), and the locations of any associated components, as well as the configurator table. Figure 19.15 shows a part of the FeatureManager of a Smart Component. As you can see, the in-context feature, the associated components, and the face references are all listed there.
n Read. Check out game readme files for hints, go to game Web sites and forums, and research specific games to see what the developers suggest and what other gamers have done to achieve optimal looks and performance. n Compromise. How I hate that word. I want all of my games to run at 60 fps at the highest detail setting, but that s just not going to happen unless I spend another thousand bucks on my computer. I have no choice but to compromise but I would rather a game look good at 30 fps than look dull at 60 fps.
Working with Specialized Functionality
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The default templates settings, shown in Figure B.35, help to determine how templates are used for automatically created files. n Default template paths: You can specify the path to the template folder in the System Options, File Locations page. n Always use these default document templates and Prompt user to select document template: These two options are actually a single toggle (one of them will always be on). When the system has to create a new document, this toggle determines how it will know which template to use. Situations where the system has to create a new document include imported parts, split parts, and mirrored parts. The Always Use these Default Document Templates option means that the above listed templates will be used automatically. If they are not available, then automatically generated default templates will be used (these are the original templates that exist with a new installation of SolidWorks). The Prompt User to Select Document Template option means that in those situations, the user will be prompted to select a template for each part that is generated. In imported assemblies with a lot of parts, it may be wise to opt for the automatic setting unless you need to specify different templates for different parts.
Using Windows Troubleshooting Understanding Troubleshooting Packs Getting help with the Problem Steps Recorder Using Startup Repair to fix a non-booting PC Using the Windows Recovery Environment Restoring Windows to an earlier point in time with System Restore
Obtaining IP addresses
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Complexity of EMC coupling.
As we write this book, there is talk that Microsoft will further integrate its Xbox Live Marketplace and Zune Marketplace with its PC-oriented gaming marketplace endeavors in the future. This makes plenty of sense: if you buy content at, say, the Zune Marketplace, you should be able to access it seamlessly on Zune-compatible devices, the Xbox 360, and a PC.
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