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Appendix A: SQL Server 2005 Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1199 Appendix B: Sample Databases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1205 Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1213
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The class definition begins with the class keyword and the class name, Product. Next come the definitions for the members of Product. The class definition stops with the end keyword. In this example, the class Product defines only three properties:
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Now that you have a report on the potential shortcomings of your computer s settings, you can choose to apply a template to your computer and change the settings to the ones recommended for your desired security level. You can also choose to edit the imported template s settings so that they match your company s policies. For example, the maximum password age of 42 days may be too few; you can double-click the setting, change it to 90 days, and then rerun the analysis if you want. To apply the template to your computer, open the Microsoft Management Console. 1. Add the Security Configuration and Analysis (SCA) snap-in from the File - Add/Remove Snap-in menu. 2. Right-click the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in. 3. Click Open Database (see Figure 7.18). 4. An open file window appears. Enter a name for the database; even if this seems counterintuitive, it is the right step. 5. Choose a configuration file to import. 6. Click Configure Computer Now. 7. Type or browse to a location for the error log and then click OK. The SCA snap-in applies all the template settings to your computer. Some of the settings may not take effect until the next time you log out and back on again. Watch Out!
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The QR decomposition can, for instance, be computed by using Householder reflections or Givens rotations; see Sections 3.4.4 and 3.4.5. In the following we will show how (3.100) can be solved via &R decomposition. Substituting (3.101) in (3.100) yields (3.103) For (3.103) we can also write
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Another layer of heat-shrink tubing finishes off the loop.
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This book is divided into eight parts. The following sections explain what you'll find. Part I: Introduction Part I begins with an overview of the .NET Framework and what it's all about. Part I explains why Microsoft made this dramatic change in application development with the introduction of .NET. This part introduces you to the building blocks of the .NET Framework and everything you need to understand in order to get the overall picture. This section also reviews the main changes that have taken place between Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET. Part II: The VB .NET Programming Language Part II of the book covers the entire Visual Basic .NET language. The language has changed dramatically from its predecessor, and there are lots of new features that you'll want to use in your programming. This section starts with the basics of the language and works its way up to more complex issues, such as threading and COM interoperability. Part III: Visual Studio .NET: The IDE for VB .NET Part III introduces you to the new IDE Visual Studio .NET. We advise everyone to use this environment when developing new .NET applications. Beyond the general introduction to the IDE, Part III also covers compiling and debugging, as well as customization and source control features. Part IV: Data Access Part IV of the book covers data access, one of the most important features in all application development projects. Applications are built on data, and this section shows you everything you need to know to access and manipulate your data using ADO.NET and XML. Part V: Windows Forms Part V is an explanatory section on Windows Forms and all the new features that have taken place with the introduction of Visual Basic .NET. There has been a lot of talk about all the changes that have taken place with ASP.NET and Web Services, and Windows Forms is a significant element. The chapters in this part discuss everything you need to know to create rich .NET Windows Forms. Part VI: VB .NET and the Web Part VI provides a thorough overview of how to use Visual Basic .NET for ASP.NET development. VBScript is no more; now Visual Basic .NET is one of the language options available for Web application development. In Part VI, you're introduced to building Web applications in an object-oriented manner, with overviews and introductions to ASP.NET, User controls, security, and Web application configuration. ASP.NET has shattered a lot of the boundaries that existed in VB 6. Part VI helps you take these next steps in your Web applications.
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Assessing Progress and Completion
F-DPCH: Fractional Dedicated Physical Channel. This downlink dedicated channel carries control information. It has a function equivalent to the downlink DPCCH. HS-PDSCH: High-Speed Physical Downlink Shared Channel. This downlink shared channel maps into the HS-DSCH. One HS-DSCH can map into multiple HS-PDSCH. Multiplexing of data from different MSs into one HS-PDSCH is possible. It is always paired with a DPCH and works in concert with HS-SCCH and HS-DPCCH. HS-SCCH: High-Speed Shared Control Channel. This downlink common channel is used for control of HS-PDSCH. It is used only by the physical layer. MICH: MBMS Indicator Channel. This downlink common channel carries MBMS (multimedia broadcast multicast service [41]) noti cation indicators. P-CCPCH: Primary Common Control Physical Channel. This downlink common channel maps into the BCH. It is monitored by all UEs in a cell and is timemultiplexed with SCH. P-CPICH/S-CPICH: Primary/Secondary Common Pilot Channel. This downlink common channel is used by the MS as a reference for signal strength measurements needed for cell acquisition and handover. It is divided into two subchannels: primary, covering the entire cell, and secondary, used with narrow beam antennas. A cell has one primary channel and optionally several secondary channels. It is used only by the physical layer. PICH: Paging Indicator Channel. This downlink common channel is used by the BS to alert a group of MSs that a paging message for the paging group to which the MSs belong is expected on the PCH. It works in concert with S-CCPCH. It allows MSs to save power by ignoring paging for other groups. It is used only by the physical layer. S-CCPCH: Secondary Common Control Physical Channel. This downlink common channel maps into FACH and PCH. FACH and PCH can share the same S-CCPCH or use separate ones. SCH: Synchronization Channel. This downlink common channel is used by the MS to synchronize with the BS during cell search. It is divided into primary and secondary subchannels by means of different codes. It is used only by the physical layer. DPCCH: Dedicated Physical Control Channel. This uplink dedicated channel carries layer 1 control data for the DPDCH. One DPCCH channel can be assigned per MS. It is used only by the physical layer.
Part III Developing with SQL Server
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In Australia alone, more than 2000 portable XRF are employed in the mining and mineral industry. It is expected that the radioisotope-based on-line installations will gradually be replaced by systems based on small X-ray tubes. The annual number of articles dealing with various aspects of the PIXE technique (but excluding micro-PIXE) is in the range of 30 to 70 with very prominent peaks every 3 years. These
The Custom Shows dialog box appears.
v-Darameter of Ea. (10.35)
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Geothermal Heat Pumps
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Handling Security-Level Updates
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