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For more on security, see 10.
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Fig. 1.7 It seems plausible that, as BC rotates to a new position B' C', then the angle between BC and AB has increased by just the same amount as the angle between BC and CA has decreased, keeping their sum constant. If we suspect that their sum is constant, we can see what it must be from Fig. 1.6. There are three triangles in the figure, and the angles of the larger triangle are the sum of all the angles of the two smaller triangles, excluding X and Y. If the angle sums of all three triangles are equal, then the angle sum of each of the smaller triangles must be X + Y. This is also suggested by the frieze shctwn in Fig. 1.7, which is simply a strip of paper divided by successive parallel lines, alternately in two directions, into apparently identical triangles. At a point such as P, we find one of each of the angles of the triangle represented, so it seems once again that A + B + C is constant: that is, A + B + C = 180 These simple physical experiments - so simple that we might even be able to do them in our heads as 'thought experiments' - may seem convincing, but they have a hidden weakness which points to the need for further investigation.
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Appendix A
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be tested unless the devices are jacked in to an audio port). When you ve checked for all of the preceding and you are satisfied that you ve plugged in and turned on everything you might want to test, click the Start check button in the Upgrade Advisor to continue. Depending on the speed of your system, the scan (see Figure 3-2) can take anywhere from a minute or two to several minutes.
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INDEX Study Period, 89 93, 99 Styles, leadership, 329, 333 337 Subcontractors, 168, 191, 199, 218 Suicide run, 5 6 Superior team development inventory (STDI), 82 Supervision maturity, 327 333 Suppliers, 379 Support, pure, 170, 171 Surveys: management, 263 264, 389, 390 users, 148 SysML. See Systems Modeling Language (SysML) System concept of operations (CONOPS). See Concept of operations (CONOPS) System Concept Review, 67 System Development Phase, 94 System integrity, 266, 433 Systems engineering, 6 7 certification (CSEP), 16, 41 defined, 6 7 versus design engineering, 103 failures, examples, 103 integration with project management and process, 18 organization options and, 179 staffing (systems engineer/technical manager), 189 190 survey results, 390 technical aspect, importance to, 102 104 Systems Engineering Capability Model, 404. See also Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group (SE DSIG/SEDESIG), 166, 411 412 Systems Engineering Modeling Language. See Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA), 15 Systems Modeling Language (SysML), 62, 66, 141, 165 166, 411 412, 414, 434 System solutions, 9, 143 146 System Specification Definition Phase, Study Period, 93 Systems Requirements Review (SRR), 98 Systems thinking, 8 10, 398 Tailoring the project cycle, 122 125. See also Project cycle (one of five essentials) Task behavior, 328 Task descriptions, 207 Task planning, 200, 202 209, 212, 307 308 Task Responsibility Matrix (Figure 12.17), 215, 217 Taur, Roger, 3 Taylor, Chris, 95 Teamwork (one of five essentials), 21, 69 83. See also Project team celebrations/events, 80 81 code of conduct, 74 76 decision process/style, 78 80
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9: The Registry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335
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landscape. Just as good external consultants can readily work crossindustrially and cross-culturally, good internal consultants can readily work cross-functionally and cross-culturally. In other words, You don t know our business is never an applicable phrase!
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*Of course, many variants exist: with differertt D/A structures, combination of techniques, using AN INSTRUMENT FOR THE MEASUREMENT OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS BY X-RAY SCANNING USING A SINGLE CAPILLARY
Inverter delay versus channel length for a 0.1 -,im technology (after Su et al.,
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Placing the Conditions within Outer Joins
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Excitation probes
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