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Figure 13.25. Importing keys is faster and easier than hand-typing the data.
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where h(t) is the impulse response of the channel, including the echoes in the line; (t) is the additive white Gaussian noise with variance N0 ; and ap is the transmitted symbol value. For a BPSK system, ap = 1. To eliminate the echoes for a BPSK modem, the structure shown in Fig. P9.1 is used. (a) By minimizing the MSE, derive the normal equations and solve for the optimum taps of the canceler {ci } in terms of h(t).
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Reliability: Conventional PBXs are highly stable platforms with bulletproof Operating Systems (OSs) and no direct Internet access for hackers. Although general-purpose microcomputer platforms are increasingly stable, they and the applications they support do tend to experience a much higher failure rate than conventional PBXs. Also, the IPBX OS and applications software have yet to prove themselves capable of measuring up to that of conventional PBXs. Carrier-class platforms used in IP Centrex systems certainly are more reliable but have yet to prove themselves at the level of conventional CO Centrex. Hardened, or fault-tolerant, computer platforms are essential if voice communication is considered time sensitive and mission critical. A fully redundant approach with systems (hardware and software) distributed across multiple sites is optimal. There are a variety of high-availability storage solutions for consideration with respect to IPBX databases, including database mirroring, replication, and failover and failback, all of which are beyond the scope of this book. Technical Support: The integration of voice and data naturally poses some support issues, particularly with respect to IP-enabled PBXs, which are a kluge of legacy voice systems and VoIP over high-speed switched Ethernet LANs. IPBXs certainly pose support challenges to in-house technicians as well as technical support personnel at the manufacturer and distributor levels. As an example, technicians can experience great dif culty attempting to isolate the cause of poor audio quality, which could lie in a gateway, transmission line, router, switch, or some other network element. Quality of Service: QoS is an important consideration for any type of communication, but especially so for voice. Noise and latency are always concerns, but VoIP increases latency due to compression and decompression processes, packet queuing, and packet serialization. Packetizing voice and routing it over a public Internet add to latency and jitter or variability of latency. The Internet and Ethernet LANs combine to raise issues of VoIP prioritization and data loss. Although these and other QoS parameters, issues, and resolutions are beyond the scope of this immediate discussion, they are covered in this book in subsequent discussions of LANs, the TCP/IP protocol suite, the Internet, and VoIP. At this point, however, it is worth mentioning that broadband local loops are a requirement for high-quality VoIP over the Internet and broadband LANs
64-bit unsigned integer The nice thing about the System.Convert class is that you do not have to remember the built-in conversion functions of VB. For an experienced VB developer, this is not a big deal, but for a new developer, this makes life much easier, all complements of the VS .NET IDE's auto-complete mechanism. Here is an example of using the System.Convert class to convert a 64-bit number to a 32-bit number, or in VB-Speak, a Long to an Integer. Dim lngX As Long = 150 Dim intX As Integer intX = Convert.ToInt32(lngX) ' intX = 150 In this example, you perform another narrowing conversion from a Single type to an Integer: Dim sngX As Single = 123.4567 Dim intX As Integer intX = Convert.ToInt32(sngX) ' intX = 123 When performing the conversion from a Date type to a String, the ToString() method does the trick. Dim dteDate as Date = Now() Dim strDate as string = Convert.ToString(dteDate) ' strDate now contains a string representation of the current date Here is a cool example of how smart System.Convert is, using to the ToBoolean() method with a string argument: Dim strX as string = "False" MessageBox.Show(Convert.ToBool(strX)) ' Returns False
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You can mirror a right-handed part to create a left-handed part. To activate the Mirror Part command, you must select a plane or planar face. Then choose Insert Mirror Part to initiate the Mirror Part command.
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