Part I: SolidWorks Basics in .NET

Access QRCode in .NET Part I: SolidWorks Basics

The last option can be a lifesaver in an emergency. There may be a time when the boot sector on your hard drive becomes corrupt, and the Linux OS won t boot. Just pop in your trusty Ubuntu LiveCD, select the option to boot from the hard drive, and you might be able to save your data! If you choose to boot from the CD image, Ubuntu goes through all of the hardware detection processes as if it were booting from an installed image. You ll notice that you can access several options from the boot menu using the keyboard F keys. Table 2-1 shows what each of these keys are for.
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This tool enables you to establish search criteria and show or hide parts, based on the criteria. Multiple criteria can be used, stored, and retrieved. This tool is generally underused, and in my experience, users are always surprised to find it in the software. It has been there since about 1998.
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19: Windows in Your Pocket Using a Windows Mobile Smartphone
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$ gcc -c ctest.c
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Assessing Value
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Ontologies as pre-requisite for consensus. Agents can only exchange meaning when they have already agreed on a shared body of meaning re ecting a consensual point of view on the world.
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6: Working with Vista s Free Tools
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Each of the four tabs in this window enables you to customize the Start Menu and/or the taskbar in all kinds of ways. Let s look at them tab by tab: n The Taskbar tab has the following options, all of which are check boxes: n Lock the taskbar keeps the taskbar from being resized or otherwise altered in shape. n Auto-hide the taskbar hides the taskbar, which reappears when you move the cursor over the bottom of the screen. n Keep the taskbar on top of other windows makes sure nothing obscures the taskbar. n Group similar taskbar buttons is for when you have several instances of one program open (for example, five Word files); the taskbar will group them into a single button. n Show Quick Launch displays the Quick Launch area of the taskbar, which contains single-click icons to launch programs. n Show Thumbnails is a new feature in Windows Vista that displays live thumbnails of the files represented by the taskbar buttons when you place the cursor over them (see Figure 5.20).
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irb(main):007:0> test = { key1 => value1, key2 =>value2, key3 => value3 } => { key3 => value3, key1 =>value1, key2 => value2 } irb(main):008:0> name[ key1 ] => value1 irb(main):009:0>
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The data extracted from an image in WordPress is extremely limited. Much of the information extracted is not EXIF information at all, but dimensions of the image, including WordPressgenerated data. However, the $exif[ image_meta ] nested array does contain some valuable unformatted information. Notably, ISO is exactly what it should be and aperture, also known as f-stop, is almost what it should be (add an f/ in front of the number and you have the formatted string). The created_ timestamp key displays the timestamp in Unix style but can be converted to a readable format with the PHP date() function. The focal_length key is a number in millimeters and represents the focal length of the lens. You can add mm to the end and have a formatted focal length number. Finally, shutter speed is usually formatted as a fraction, but is represented by a decimal in WordPress metadata. Converting this decimal to a fraction is mainly a matter of logic and math. A better way of doing this is to use PHP s built-in exif_read_data() function. This function takes a filename (it cannot be a URL). Using this function might look like the code in Listing 20.4 and has the added benefit of your not having to figure out what the attachment ID is. You just need the path to the file.
= 3.141592653589793
From (4.A.44), we have Zdp = Zo , 2 (4.A.46)
FigurE 7-15: The Games live tile will display a badge when you have new requests.
4: What s New in the Windows 7 User Experience
The result includes the instead of trigger s hello world declaration and a report that one row was affected. However, selecting personID 51 will prove that no rows were in fact inserted:
Low-Voltage, Low-Power, and High-Speed SO1 CMOS Circuits
Part II
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