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Some webcams include a motion detection feature (useful for spying on baby- or housesitters, if you re so inclined).
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Red Word Glossary
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See 12 for more information about networking.
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$name = Joe Bob ;
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Security Associations
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Figure 2-40: If all goes well, your previously installed applications should
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Signaling and control, network management, e-mail; (FTP); World Wide Web, remote LAN access and telecommuting, LAN internetworking; LAN Emulation (LANE); IP traf c including VoIP (Voice over IP)
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The main functions of TCP are multiplexing, reliable delivery, and ordered delivery of packets. Multiplexing is done by the use of ports, the TCP term for what the OSI calls TSAP (Section 20.1.3). Port numbers are internal addresses by which a host (identi ed by an IP address) can multiplex several users accessing the same or different applications residing in it. The combination of IP address and port number (the transport address) is called socket. The source and destination sockets uniquely identify a TCP connection. TCP segments the user data received from an application (directly or through the session layer) so it can t into IP packets and then delivers it to the destination by communicating with the peer TCP entity in the remote host. TCP communication between hosts is connection-oriented and provides reliable and ordered packet delivery, with retransmission of lost or corrupted packets. The TCP header is processed by the source and destination hosts and is generally ignored by routers. The elds in the header (Fig. 20.2-5) are:
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.net datamatrix dll
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AMD versus Intel
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MOSFET transistor D
A standard if-then statement executes one or more statements based on evaluating a condition. If the condition is true, the statements are executed. This feature allows you to
Using Windows Mail
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Part VII
Notice that by default the jar process adds a file called MANIFEST.MF. This file is called the manifest, and it is used to track the features of the classes contained in the jar file. We ll experiment with that file in a little bit. To extract the files contained in the jar file, you d use the format:
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