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FIGURE 3.6 The Folders view lets you navigate quickly through the file system.
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of the attenuation or insertion loss. The insertion loss is the ratio, in decibels, of the amplifier s forward power to the actual power delivered by the probe to a calibration fixture. To inject large CW currents with small amounts of amplifier power, the injection probe must have a low self-attenuation. If high attenuation is associated with the probe, a large amount of power from a more expensive amplifier is required. The CW power rating of injection probes influences the effectiveness of the probe s operation. Each probe has limitations on power-handling capability. The probe s rating should be higher than the power required to inject the specified current. Most bulk injection probes can operate at a rated CW power level for a minimum of 30 min before damage occurs.
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Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
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in which yimod stands for the content of channel i in the model spectrum and xij the content of channel i in the j th reference spectrum. The coef cients aj represent the contribution of the reference spectra to the unknown spectrum and can be used for quantitative analysis. The values of the aj coef cients are found via multiple least-square tting. During the t the sum of weighted squared differences between the measured spectrum and the
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Print Services
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in the same vein that a telephone directory is a directory. The reference has nothing to do with file system directories.
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Thickness Analysis
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Figure 19-19: Notice the display when you collapse the Property block. Tip You can use the collapsing feature to quickly identify parts of code in large nested blocks. You can also use the #Region keyword to create a collapsible block. For example, you can type the following: #Region " My Constants " Const i As Integer = 10 Const j As Integer = 50 #End Region You can now collapse this section of code to get the constants out of the way when you want to concentrate on the rest of the code.
It is useful to be familiar with what this document says, but the agreement does not have any bearing on learning how to use the software other than the fact that it allows for a Home Use License. Many users find this part of the license agreement helpful. The primary user of the license at work is also allowed to use the license at home or on a portable computer. This is often a good option for learning techniques, doing additional practice, or completing the design of that deck or soapbox derby car. If your employer uses floating licenses, the rules are somewhat different. Contact your reseller for details.
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23. Expand the Task pane and activate the View palette (the tab that looks like a drawing icon). Click the ellipse button (. . .) and browse for the assembly named 21. SF casting assembly.sldasm. This is shown in Figure 21.34. 24. Drag the Back view onto the drawing. Notice that when you use this technique, the views do not resize automatically, regardless of the setting at Tools Options Drawings Automatically Scale New Drawing Views. 25. Delete any view that you have created using this method. Open Windows Explorer, browse to the assembly, and drag it into the drawing. The views that you create using this method are equivalent to the Standard 3 View tool. This time, the views auto-size. 26. Select the Front view and change it to the Back view. Notice that the rest of the views change to reflect the new parent view. You will get a warning about this change. 27. Zoom in on the Back view. Change the view to show Tangent Edges With Font through View Display. You can also change this from the view right-mouse button menu. 28. Click the Alternate Position view toolbar button. Type a name in the PropertyManager for a new configuration and click the green check mark icon. SolidWorks opens the assembly model window. 29. Rotate the handle 90 degrees and click the green check mark icon. SolidWorks returns to the drawing and shows the new position in a dashed font, as shown in Figure 21.35. 30. Place an isometric view on the drawing. Change the Display Mode to make it a shaded view. 31. Right-click inside the view but away from the parts, and select Properties. The dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 21.36. Make sure that the view is set to use the Default configuration, and also select the Show in Exploded State option.
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which are stored on your computer, through the entertainment system connected to your Xbox 360, your media won t be trapped in the computer room anymore. Gamers and PC enthusiasts especially will appreciate the Xbox 360 integration, but there are limitations to the interaction between Xbox 360 and Windows Vista. The Xbox 360 is not and will not be a PC platform, and Vista won t be a console platform; you won t be able to install and play the same copies of your games on both systems. Even if you have copies of the same title for both platforms, you won t necessarily be able to play cross-platform multiplayer games. Those aren t unexpected or unreasonable caveats, however, and the level of interaction between console and computer hasn t ever been as lofty as it is between the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista. Keep reading to see how Windows Vista Ultimate and the Xbox 360 can work together to make gaming and multimedia a better experience in your house...and beyond!
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