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extremely short time interval and the high degree of spatial coherence of the femtosecond laserdriven XUV source give rise to an unprecedented peak brightness, which paves the way towards an extension of nonlinear optics in the XUV regime. The availability of light pulses comprising just a few oscillation cycles at intensities well above 1014 W/cm2 opens up new prospects for coherent short-wavelength generation. Matter irradiated at these intensity levels undergoes tunnel ionization (Brabec and Krausz, 2000). For pulses containing many oscillations, the number of ionized particles (e.g. atoms, molecules, or clusters) accumulates over many optical cycles, which may result in a depletion of the ground state well before the peak of the incident pulse impinges upon the target. The consequences of the dramatically shortened exposure to the laser eld are numerous and far reaching. First, the peak electron emission (or ionization) rate is much higher than in the multi-cycle regime. Secondly, the freed electrons are released into signi cantly stronger elds as compared to the multi-cycle regime. These implications suggest that coherent XUV generation resulting from a free-bound transition (highorder harmonic or continuum generation, henceforth HHG) (L Huillier and Balcou, 1993) will exhibit improved ef ciency and generate higher XUV frequencies. After ionization, the freed electron gains energy in the laser eld. This is an essential process, because emission of high-energy photons is the result of the interaction of these electrons with their parent ions. Following Corkum (Corkum, 1993), the electron motion in the laser eld can be described by classical mechanics after tunnelling. The electron reencounters its parent ion if and only if the laser eld is linearly polarized and the electron is released at a suitable phase. The maximum kinetic energy is given by Wkin,max 3.17Up (Corkum, 1993), where Up is the ponderomotive energy. In units of electronvolts it can be expressed as Up = 9.3 10 14 I / 2 , where I is the (cycle-averaged) laser intensity and is the laser wavelength in units of W/cm2 and m, respectively. With some small probability the returning electron recombines in its original ground state upon emitting a photon with
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n Auto-show PropertyManager: This option automatically shows the PropertyManager for items such as sketch entities and dimensions. If this setting is off, then you need to manually select the PropertyManager tab to access settings for these items. n Automatically edit macro after recording: This setting saves you from manually opening macros so that you can edit them immediately after recording them. n Enable FeatureXpert: This option enables the Mate, Fillet, and Draft Xperts. The Xperts are intended for two purposes, either for novice users or for situations where a large number of entities are involved and you want the system to sort out errors automatically. n When rebuild error occurs: The available options are Continue, Stop, or Prompt. Continue is the default behavior, and simply continues to rebuild the part to the end, with or without errors. Stop causes the rebuild to stop at the first error and allows you to correct the error before moving down the tree. Prompt asks you what to do if there is an error. n Custom property used as component description: The available options are any custom property. This setting affects which custom property is used in the Save As and Open dialog boxes. You can use the drop-down menu to replace the word Description and the value that follows it with any custom property name and value, as shown in Figure B.9.
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51 Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking
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Figure 19.1 shows a simple assembly. It took approximately 20 minutes to model all the parts, set up the Smart Component, and test it in an assembly. This example does not use auto-sizing, but it does use a library part, an in-context feature, and two instances of a single hardware piece. This is an excellent example of Smart Component functionality because it is fast to create and fast to apply and saves you some time whenever you use it.
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8. On the camcorder, press the pause control again to start playback. 9. Watch the camcorder s preview display and when you get a few seconds past the end of the clip you want, stop the camcorder and stop the recording process at the PC. 10. Play back the clip (say, using Windows Media Player) to make sure you got everything you wanted. You can edit the digital file with whatever digital video editor you have. Devices like the Dazzle DVC come with bundled software, and if you want to get sophisticated, you can buy a professional editing package like Adobe Premiere.
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Figure 20.16 Capacity in a measured microcellular channel, for different system bandwidths: 4 4 multipleinput-multiple-output system.
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Now add the average sentence length of 9.3 words to the percentage of long words, which is 2.9, and you have the number 12.2. Then multiply the number 12.2 by 0.4 and you end up with the number 4.9. In short, this ad started out being understandable to a very large segment of the market by virtue of the fact that it was quite comprehensible to anybody reading at about the fth grade level and above. Incidentally, the next block of copy in that same ad had about the same reading level. The third block of copy jumped to 7.2, but by that time the reader was well into the copy. I would suggest that you take different 100-word blocks from different parts of your ad to see how consistent your style is. Try this with one of your ads or with one of the many ads in Section Three. It is an easy way to determine the level of comprehension of your writing and it will also make you aware of the effect that multisyllabic words and long sentences have on the comprehensibility of your ad and the level of reader that will resonate with your copy. The ad that we just tested was one of JS&A s most successful. And it seemed that with many of my ads, the greater the clarity, the broader the appeal and the greater the response. After you ve tried it with some of the ads in this book or other ads, you ll be amazed at how easily you will be able to guess the Fog Index from reading just the rst few paragraphs of any ad. Clarity is one of the most important factors in writing copy, and the Fog Index gives you an insight into how important short sentences and simple words can be. But don t be obsessed with achieving low Fog Index scores at the expense of common sense. You need to vary the length of sentences and use threesyllable words when you need them and realize that every audience is different.
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17 17.1 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.5 17.6 17.7 17.8 17.9
Working with Assemblies
Master Model Techniques
http://www.michaelmartine.com/blogconsulting/ http://muledesign.com/
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Solaris name service switch.
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7: Design Concepts
Sketch scaling and moving options with Instant 3D Ruler for hole diameter Drag handles and web for hole location Drag handle for hole depth
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