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A data service is an application that runs on a cluster and is provided with failover capability through the cluster.
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Entropy coding
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Tweaking Windows Vista Ultimate for Peak Performance
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A schema is an object that exists purely to own database objects, most likely to segment a large database into manageable modules, or to implement a segmented security strategy. Typically, and by default, objects are owned by the dbo schema. The schema name is the third part of the four-part name:
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beamforming algorithm was used with a reference length of 256 bits. The SNR was 21.0 dB whilst the INRs was 9.0 dB
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22 Leveraging WordPress MU and Multi-Blog Functionality 23 Adding User Forums with bbPress 24 Creating Your Own Social Network with BuddyPress 25 Using BackPress as a Development Framework 26 and the Automattic Products 27 Leveraging Automattic Products
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Figure 5-3: Using the Nautilus search feature to find a file.
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The Deform Point PropertyManager and a before-and-after example
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The Calendar control allows you to place a rich calendar on a Web page within a form and program against it. Within the code of the document, the Calendar control is written as <asp:calendar>. The following example shows the use of the Calendar control: <asp:Calendar id="Calendar1" CellPadding="pixels" CellSpacing="pixels" DayNameFormat="FirstLetter|FirstTwoLetters|Full|Short" FirstDayOfWeek="Default|Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday| Thursday|Friday|Saturday|Sunday" NextMonthText="HTML text"
Wireless Communications
The guest user must be removed from a database when guests are no longer welcome.
ADO.NET is an umbrella label applied to the .NET functionality that supports connections to a variety of data sources. Classes within this library supply the programmatic capability to create, maintain, dispose of, and execute actions against a database.
Organizing for the BOM
FIGURE 26.26
FigurE 11-1: Windows Live Calendar.
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