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The -l parameter created a hard link for the test1 file called test4. In the file list you can see that the inode number of the test1 and test4 files is the same, indicating that, in reality, they are the same file. Also notice that the link count (the third item in the list) now shows that both files have two links.
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The Group Policy Object, or GPO, is the object that contains Group Policy properties. The GPO is really a container, at the highest level, into which properties or attributes are stored. Policy is conveyed by association with a GPO that is, its properties rub off on a user or computer object contained inside a GP recipient. GPOs must be created and named before their policies can be used.
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Inside Scoop
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19: Windows in Your Pocket Using a Windows Mobile Smartphone
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Talking with Ekiga Browsing with Firefox IM ing with Pidgin Accessing Other Workstations with Remote Desktop Viewer Accessing Windows Servers with Terminal Server Client File Sharing with BitTorrent File Retrieval with gFTP
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Creating documentation Setting up a response plan Recovery from backup Recovery of key services
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PowerPoint applies your new settings and closes the PowerPoint Options dialog box.
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Finding configurations
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Windows Remote Assistance is also compatible with Windows XP . Hence, users on these different OS versions can help each other.
Elapsed Calling Time Party
Putting It All Together
the surface crystallography and, in particular, the construction of semiconductors. In this geometry, the simple Bragg condition for diffraction is never quite satis ed and the scattering power is therefore weak. Further, at these very low angles of incidence, much of the beam spills off the sample, not contributing to the scattering. Using normal X-ray generators, the intensity is generally so low that statistics are poor and data dif cult to interpret. As a consequence, most of the developments have occurred at synchrotron radiation sources. However, the ability to focus the beam from a microfocus source to a spot typically 300 m is diameter with a divergence of typically 2 mrad opens up the possibility of performing these experiments in the laboratory on a realistic timescale. Goorsky and Tanner (Goorsky and Tanner, 2002) have demonstrated extremely high intensity diffracted beams from a microfocus X-ray tube and ellipsoidal focusing optic. In the initial experiments, the Cu target microfocus X-ray generator was run at a power of 80 W, the beam being focused onto the sample using a Re ex MicromirrorT M ellipsoidal mirror of focal length 300 mm and divergence at the sample of 2 mrad in both horizontal and vertical directions. The resulting spot diameter at the sample was 0.3 mm FWHM. Even so, at the extremely low angle of incidence ( f in Figure 2.1.18) of typically 0.25 , the footprint on the sample was about 70 mm. This resulted in substantial beam spill-off for small samples. No further conditioning of the incidence beam was used. The sample was rotated
Working with Drawing Views
This Task Group developed the IEEE 802.lla extension, which was touted to be a natural migration from 802.lib by offering higher data rates in the cleaner 5-GHz band. It provides a maximum data rate nearly 5 times higher than 802.lib (54 Mbits/s versus 11 Mbit/s) and like its counterpart, has various fallback rates (see Section 2.2 for use of fallback rates and Figure 2.1 for the various rates). Note the 54 Mbit/s data rate is specified to be an optional rate in the 802.lla extension, which is in contrast to the mandatory 11 Mbit/s data rate defined in 802.lib. Most 802.lla vendors, however, implement the 54 Mbit/s data rate. Among the advantages 802.lla have over current 802.lib technologies are greater scalability (because more channels are available and more fallback rates are defined for finer granularity), better interference immunity (see Section 2.2 for 802. lib interference sources), and significantly higher speed (up to 54 Mbit/s), which allows for simultaneous bandwidth-intensive applications as well as more users. The speed advantage however, has been matched by 802.llg (see Section 2.6), which unlike 802.lla, is backward-compatible to 802.lib. 802.lla also supports more channels than both 802.lib and 802.llg (12 versus 3 non-overlapping radio channels for US operation), specifically 8 indoor and 4 outdoor channels, with higher transmit powers available for the outdoor channels. This is a key advantage since more access points can be packed into the same area to support more users at higher aggregated data rates (although the need for more access points imply an increase in installation costs and complexity in network management). More importantly, the outdoor channels can be used to provide the desired range in wide-area, last-mile solutions as well as open-air networks such as community or
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