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The cumulative distribution function, cdf (x), is de ned as the probability that the realization of the random variable has a value smaller than x. The cdf is thus the integral of the pdf:
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You do have other options for your Windows Vista user interface. The theme is customizable, and you can also select a classic, Windows 9x-style interface from the Themes settings in the Control Panel. (Choose Start Control Panel and then click the Themes tab.)
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Types of Slide Layouts The Slide Layout gallery enables you to choose a layout for a slide. Some layouts hold only text, such as the Title Slide, Section Header, and Title Only layouts. Other layouts include a title, plus content placeholders. Layouts that feature placeholders include Title and Content, Two Content, Comparison, and Content with Caption.
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1. If no CA is currently installed, log on to a domain controller and run the Add/Remove Programs object in the Control Panel. Install Certi cate Services. 2. Create a group called Domain Recovery Agents in the domain and add the appropriate users to the group. Con gure policies on the CA to enable the designated users or group to request recovery certi cates from the CA. To do so, open the Certi cate Authority console, right-click the server, and choose Properties. Click the Security tab, and grant Enroll and Read permission as needed. 3. Have each recovery agent request a recovery certi cate from the CA. To start this process, the agents open the Certi cates MMC console, right-click their Personal store, and choose All Tasks Request New Certi cate from the pop-up menu to start the Certi cate Request Wizard. 4. The wizard automatically locates a CA in the domain, but the agent can choose a speci c CA if needed. Through the wizard, the agent speci es that she wants to obtain an EFS Recovery Agent certi cate and follows the wizard s prompts to obtain it. 5. If the certi cate is not automatically published to the AD, the agent needs to copy the certi cate without the private key to a CER le. The domain administrator then uses this le to add the certi cate to the domain recovery policy. Use the Certi cates console to copy the certi cate to the CER le (that is, to export the certi cate to the le). 6. The agent exports the certi cate to a secure PFX le by using the Certi cates console and places the PFX in a secure archive. Then the agent deletes the certi cate from the local computer, again through the Certi cates console. This ensures that the certi cate is applied through the domain policy, rather than through the local policy.
Why You Need to Monitor Performance
Define a data source for each distinct database or other source of data needed for the Analysis Services database. Each data source encapsulates the connection string, authentication, and properties for reading a particular set of data. A data source can be defined on any data for which an OLE DB provider exists, enabling Analysis Services to use many types of data beyond the traditional relational sources. Start the New Data Source Wizard by right-clicking the Data Sources folder in the Solutions Explorer and selecting the New option. After viewing the optional welcome screen, the Select how to define a connection screen appears and presents a list of connections. Select the appropriate connection if it exists. If the appropriate connection does not exist, bring up the connection manager by clicking the New button and add it. Within the connection manager, choose an appropriate provider, giving preference to native OLE DB providers for best performance. Then enter the server name, authentication information, database name, and any other properties required by the chosen provider. Review entries on the All tab and test the connection before clicking OK to complete the connection creation. Work through the remaining wizard screens, choosing the appropriate login (impersonation) information for the target environment and finally the name of the data source. When managing multiple projects in a single solution, basing a data source in one project on information in another project can be useful. For those cases, instead of choosing a connection at the Select how to define a connection window, select the option to Create a data source based on another object. This leads the wizard through the Data sources from existing objects page. This page offers two alternatives: Creating a data source based on an existing data source minimizes the number of places in which connection information must be edited when it changes. Create a data source based on an analysis services project enables two projects to share data. This functionality is similar to using the Analysis Services OLE DB provider to access an existing database, but in this case the databases can be developed simultaneously without deployment complications.
In order to gain conceptual agreement, there must be trust. Potential clients and partners are not going to share with you their true objectives, fears, beliefs, and insights if they don t trust that you are an honest and objective partner. How does an internal change agent or consultant gain trust with people who are normally outside their influence and perhaps even daily dealings Ten Steps to Trust 1. Show up. Trust takes time, so build it in advance. I was at a meeting where a general manager asked an internal consultant what company he worked for. When the latter replied, This one, the general manager said, You must be fairly new. I know everyone at this site. Everyone else lost eye contact, knowing that the consultant had worked there for three years. Meet people on a regular basis. Speak out at meetings. Get on the radar screen. 2. Make intelligent noises. It s not good to stand out in a crowd if the reason for the spotlight is that the crowd is shunning you. Do some homework and make insightful suggestions at meetings. Don t fill silences with dumb comments because the situation makes you feel awkward. Build your personal and business vocabulary so that you communicate superbly. A vice president stopped a meeting once to ask what a word I had just used ( tendentious ) meant. The rest of the participants were stunned, but I was content to stand out in a room that had otherwise dumbed itself down.
FIGURE 3.14 The Tools Options Default Templates settings
A Smart Component can comprise several elements: n A single part or an assembly that may use size configurations n A configurable library feature that usually serves as mounting holes or a viewing window for the Smart Component n Associated hardware that may also be driven by size configurations n A training assembly that is used to define the Smart Component Some minor limitations exist, as you might expect: n A Smart Component part cannot have references that are external to the Smart Component group of which it is a member
stranded disconnected network icons littered around your taskbar notification area. Here is the exception: if you re connected to a network and that connection is severed perhaps because the gateway or switch sitting between your PC and the network has been disconnected and there are no other networks to which you can connect, you will see the notification icon shown in Figure 9-4.
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