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sampled received signal, and compute from it the signal that has been transmitted with the largest likelihood. While this is still too computationally intensive for most applications, joint decoding and demodulation and similar schemes have already been investigated in the literature. Figures 10.2 and 10.3 show a more detailed block diagram of a digital TX and RX that concentrate on the hardware aspects and the interfaces between analog and digital components: The information source provides an analog source signal and feeds it into the source ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). This ADC rst band limits the signal from the analog information source (if necessary), and then converts the signal into a stream of digital data at a certain sampling rate and resolution (number of bits per sample). For example, speech would typically be sampled at 8 ksamples/s, with 8-bit resolution, resulting in a datastream at 64 kbit/s. For the transmission of digital data, these steps can be omitted, and the digital source directly provides the input to interface G in Figure 10.2. The source coder uses a priori information on the properties of the source data in order to reduce redundancy in the source signal. This reduces the amount of source data to be transmitted, and thus the required transmission time and/or bandwidth. For example, the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) speech coder reduces the source data rate from 64 kbit/s mentioned above to 13 kbit/s. Similar reductions are possible for music and video (MPEG standards). Also, fax information can be compressed signi cantly. One thousand subsequent symbols 00 (representing white color), which have to be represented by 2,000 bits, can be replaced by the statement: what follows now are 1,000 symbols 00, which requires only 12 bits. For a typical fax, compression by a factor of 10 can be achieved. The source coder increases the entropy (information per bit) of the data at interface F; as a consequence, bit errors have greater impact. For some applications, source data are encrypted in order to prevent unauthorized listening in. The channel coder adds redundancy in order to protect data against transmission errors. This increases the data rate that has to be transmitted at interface E e.g., GSM channel coding increases the data rate from 13 to 22.8 kbit/s. Channel coders often use information about the statistics of error sources in the channel (noise power, interference statistics) to design codes that are especially well suited for certain types of channels (e.g., Reed Solomon codes protect especially well against burst errors). Data can be sorted according to importance; more important bits then get stronger protection. Furthermore, it is possible to use interleaving to break up error bursts; note that interleaving is mainly effective if it is combined with channel coding. Signaling adds control information for the establishing and ending of connections, for associating information with the correct users, synchronization, etc. Signaling information is usually strongly protected by error correction codes. The multiplexer combines user data and signaling information, and combines the data from multiple users.2 If this is done by time multiplexing, the multiplexing requires some time compression.
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More complex sweeps begin to control the size, orientation, and position of the cross-section as it travels through the sweep. When you use a guide curve, several analogies can be used to visualize how the sweep works. The cross-section/profile is solved at several intermediate positions along the path. If the guide curve does not follow the path, the difference between the two is made up by
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power ampli ers) and the frequency domain (so that the transmit SNR at all measured frequencies is the same); the autocorrelation function of such a sequence is a delta function. For this reason, it belongs to the class of Constant Amplitude Zero AutoCorrelation (CAZAC) sequences. The number of Chadoff Zhu sequences is limited to the number of integers that are relative-prime to the sequence length if MZC is a prime number, this number equals MZC 1. In order to circumvent the restrictions of having a small number of sequences, LTE uses the following two modi cations of Zadoff Chu sequences: 1. Periodically extended sequences: choosing MZC equal to the number of used subcarriers would result in a low number of available sequences, because the number of subcarriers is always an integer multiple of 12 (number of subcarriers in an RB). LTE thus uses for MZC the largest prime number that is smaller than the desired sequence length. For example, for a signal occupying 4 RBs (48 subcarriers), MZC is chosen as 47, so that there are 46 available sequences. Since the length of the sequences is not long enough to cover all available subcarriers, the sequence is simply cyclically extended (i.e., after the last element, we start again with the rst, then the second, . . .). Note that the minimum number of available sequences is 30: if the number of RBs is 3, then the above rule provides at least 30 sequences; for the case of 1 and 2 RBs, the standard tabulates a set of 30 different sequences that are to be used. 2. Phase rotations: in order to generate additional sequences, each (cyclically extended) Zhadoff Chu sequence can be multiplied with a linear phase shift in the frequency domain, i.e., X (k) = X(k)ej k (27.2)
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5.2. The Discrete Karhunen-Lobe Transform
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Server-Side Development
From your menu, choose File Save.
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Common channel interof ce signaling International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee Intelligent network Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN User Part International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications Standardization Sector of ITU Mobile station Message signal unit Message Transfer Part Operation, administration, and maintenance ASE for OAM applications Point code Remote operations service Remote Operations Service Element Service access point Signaling Connection Control Part Subsystem number Signaling System No. 7 Transaction Capabilities Transaction Capabilities Application Part Telephone User Part
Figure 3.31: The interference rejection achieved using NLMS beamforming upon varying the reference signal lengths for a two element antenna array with an element spacing of X/2, at equal SNR and INR. The source was at 0" and the interferer at 30" whilst p0 = 0.5 evaluating loo00 averaged runs over a Gaussian channel.
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Individuals are now in a position where they can make a difference through virtual networks of likeminded individuals around the world. Geography has been replaced by biography. And these individuals are creating organizations. They are enabling, empowering, and collaborating globally through the at world. The individual has taken back the earth and (thankfully) not just white middle-class individuals from Western, developed economies. Chinese, Indians, Africans, Russians, Hungarians . . . large and small, young and old, rich and poor are taking part. Globalization has led us to the at world a world where college students from India can start up a small company doing subcontracted game design for French software houses and less than 10 years later purchase the rights for Charlie Chaplin s image. It is a world where Benyam Addis, an Ethiopian student at a recent class of mine, can come to the United States and study philanthropy and fundraising in order to develop his nonpro t organization helping children back in Ethiopia. A world where individuals have the tools and the opportunity to make changes in
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