9: Using Equations in .NET

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Changing the Desktop Background
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Signal Transfer Points, Service Management Systems, Adjunct Processors, and Intelligent Peripherals.
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Part V: Mobility
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Windows Phone supports multiple account types, including explicit account types such as Windows Live, Outlook (Exchange), Facebook, and Yahoo!. But it also supports other account types implicitly through more advanced and complicated configuration interfaces. And it supports multiple instances of account types too, so you could configure, say, two different Google accounts if you wanted. Further complicating matters, the available services in each account differ from account type to account type. So with all of that in mind, here are the different account types offered in Windows Phone. 33 Windows Live: As discussed previously, everyone who uses Windows Phone will need a Windows Live ID. This is the key to having a great experience, but it s also required for certain phone features. So it s sort of a no-brainer, but the primary account also behaves differently from other accounts. When you configure your primary Windows Live account on the phone initially, it connects to your contacts list, photos, and feeds, automatically, and behind the scenes. These features cannot be individually configured. You can, however, later enable e-mail sync on your primary Windows Live account if you d like, from within the phone s Settings interface. And if you navigate to the Calendar app, you ll see that Windows Live calendar sync is enabled automatically. But you can turn off calendar sync from there if you didn t want that. One thing you cannot do is disable contacts sync on your primary Windows Live account. It s on, and there s no way to change that. Of course, Windows Phone supports multiple Windows Live accounts, though the secondary accounts only offer e-mail, contacts, and calendar sync, and none of the feed and online services integration you get with the primary account. With a secondary Windows Live account, you can individually enable or disable e-mail, contacts, and calendar sync, so in this way, at least, it s actually more configurable than the primary account. 33 Exchange, Outlook, or Outlook Web Apps: You use the Outlook account type to connect to Exchange Server accounts (which makes me wonder why it s called Outlook instead of Exchange). This includes Exchange Server, Outlook Web Access, and so on, but also any e-mail account that uses Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) technology on the back end. And that s a surprising number of account types, including Google (Gmail) and Windows Live (Hotmail). What this means is that even though both Gmail and Hotmail are explicitly supported by Windows Phone with their own pre-built account types, you could in fact configure accounts of either type using the Outlook account type instead. And Outlook accounts can be configured to enable/disable e-mail, contacts, and calendar sync individually.
Wireless Local Area Networks
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