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Table 17-1: Database Property Pages
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Format Bulleted Lists
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Network interface, hostname, network_interface IP address, netmask, and =hme0 {hostname= DHCP and/or IPv6 dragonfly default _route= ip_address= netmask= protocol_ipv6=no} The encrypted password for root (see /etc/shadow) Security policy for the system root_password =b0c0ffee54a$e security_policy =kerberos {default com,} (continues)
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Windows Vista Web Filter
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The probe-scsi and probe-scsi-all commands probe your primary SCSI bus or all of your SCSI busses and report back on the device information that is reported back. This helps you to determine whether SCSI devices are recognized by the basic hardware and whether, in fact, they are communicating information with the system. A device that is invisible when probed through the OBP is clearly malfunctioning. SCSI probes should also allow you to detect SCSI target conflicts, allowing you to resolve the conflicts before booting your system. The rule about SCSI targets is simple every device on a single SCSI bus must have a unique ID. Most external disks have external selectors. However, the authors have seen disks with SCSI target selectors that were, in fact, not connected to the disk inside the case. The SCSI target can also be set using jumpers on the drive itself. The probe-scsi commands will confirm your selection or tell you that a setting is not what it appears to be. The command output below, for example, shows you that the attached disk is set to SCSI target 3. code39 free
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cut that does not use the Normal cut option and creates faces that are not perpendicular to the main face of the part will not cause the Flat Pattern to fail.
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A popular technique to woo performance out of a database is to make a denormalized copy of some of the data whereby data is extracted and stored elsewhere, enabling faster reads for example, data stored in five large tables may be extracted and stored in a single wide table. I once did some extreme denormalization on a project, replacing a query that had a couple of dozen joins with a single table, and reduced the search time from a couple of minutes to about one second. It was OK for that project because the data was read-only. When the queries go against live data, denormalization can be a source of data-integrity problems. Microsoft provides an alternate to denormalizing the actual data. SQL Server s indexed views are actually clustered indexes storing a denormalized set of data, as illustrated in Figure 53-7.
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