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You define a null link (href= # ) because you don t actually want to link to another Web page. For the onMouseover event handler, set the browser window s scrollspeed to -1 and then reset the scrollspeed to 0 for the onMouseout handler. The img references any image that represents an up arrow. You can find uarrow. gif and uarw.gif on the book s Web site.
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Figure 12.5 shows a small-signal equivalent model of a bipolar transistor, also called the hybrid- model, where E = emitter of the bipolar transistor, B = base of the bipolar transistor, C = collector of the bipolar transistor, rb = contact resistance of base and the resistance between base and emitter (about a couple tens to a couple hundreds of ), C = input capacitance, composed of the base-charging capacitance Cb and the emitter-base depletion layer capacitance Cje (about 0.1 to 2 pF), r = input resistance (about a few tens of k ), C = collector-base capacitance (very small and is usually only a few fF), r = collector-base resistance (has the highest value, usually in the range of tens of mega- ); rx = emitter lead resistance (only a few and is neglected if the emitter current is not too high), Ccs = collector-substrate capacitance (in the range of tens of fF), ro = output resistance (about tens of k ), rc = collector resistance, composed of resistance from collector to buried layer, resistance with buried layer, and resistance from buried layer to base (about couple tens to couple hundreds of ). In most circuit designs two resistors, r and rx, are always neglected because usually
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11 For the case of cooperative broadcasting, the rst problem is easy (since all nodes participate in the transmission), but the determination of the correct order of node participation is NP-hard.
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SolidWorks has become increasingly error-phobic in recent releases, offering more and more options to make errors invisible. Best practice is definitely on the side of fixing problems as they come up, rather than masking them over. n Import annotations from entire assembly: Places dimensions from all the parts in an assembly on the assembly drawing when views are created. Default is off. n Auto Insert on View Creation: Determines which entity types you want to be automatically inserted from the model into drawings when the view is created. New for 2007 is the differentiation between center marks for holes and fillets. Defaults for all of these are off. n Center Marks Holes n Center Marks Fillets n Center Marks - Slots n Centerlines n Balloons n Dimensions Marked for Drawing n Cosmetic Thread Display, High Quality: Cosmetic threads on the backside of a part will be hidden if this option is ON (see Figure B.65). For speed, turn this option OFF. Figure B.66 demonstrates that this setting only makes a difference for shaded model views on the drawing. For any wireframe mode, the hidden cosmetic thread is not shown unless the hidden lines of the view are visible. n Area Hatch Display, Show Halo Around Annotations: A halo is simply a gap in the hatch pattern, as shown in Figure B.65. n View break lines: When you create a broken view, the break lines by default have a .5 inch gap between them, and extend past the view border by .125 inch.
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FIGURE 29.27
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FIGURE 22.13 Navigate to the Start Menu.
[2] M. N. Tutt, H. Q. Tserng, and A. Ketterson, A low-Loss, 5.5 GHz-20 GHz Monolithic Balun, Microwave Symposium Digest, IEEE MTT-S International, Vol. 2, June 8 13, 1997, pp. 933 936. [3] T. Rutkowski, W. Zieniutycz, and K. Joachimowski, Wideband Coaxial Balun for Antenna Application, Microwaves and Radar, International Conference on MIKON 98, Vol. 2, May 20 22, 1998, pp. 389 392. [4] Jwo-Shium Sun and Tsung-Lin Lee, Design of a Planar Balun, Microwave Conference, APMC 2001, Asia-Paci c, Vol. 2, December 3 6, 2001, pp. 535 538. [5] Liang Tao, J. Gillis, D. Wang, and P. Cooper, Design and Modeling of Compact On-chip Transformer/Balun Using Multi-Level Metal Windings for RF Integrated Circuits, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium 2001, IEEE, May 20 22, 2001. [6] Jyh-Wen Sheen and Ching-Wen Tang, LTCC-MLC Balun for WLAN/Bluetooth, 2001 IEEE MIT-S Digest, pp. 315 318. [7] Winfried Bakalski, Werner Simbirger, Herbert Knapp, Hans-Dieter Wohlmuth, and Arpad L. Scholtz, Lumped and Distributed Lattice-type LC-Baluns, 2002 IEEE MTTS Digest, pp. 209 212. [8] H. Y. D. Yang, L. Zhang, and J. A. Castaneda, Design and Analysis of a Multi-Layer Transformer Balun for Silicon RF Integrated Circuits, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, IEEE, June 2 4, 2002. [9] Jong-Wook Lee and K. J. Webb, Analysis and Design of Low-Loss Planar Microwave Baluns Having Three Symmetric Coupled Lines, Microwave Symposium Digest, IEEE MTT-S International, Vol. 1, June 2 7, 2002, pp. 117 120. [10] Munenari Kawashima, Tadao Nakagawa, and Katsuhiko Araki, A Novel Broadband Active Balun, 33rd European Microwave Conference, Munich 2003, pp. 495 498. [11] Kai-Ye Huang, Chia-Jen Hsu, and Len-Yi Leu, Modeling Methodology of Integrated Five-Port Balun Using Two-Port RF Measurement, IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, 2005, pp. 295 298. [12] Francis Rotella, Gene Tkachenko, and Yuhua Cheng, Characterization, Design, Modeling, and Model Validation of Silicon On-Wafer M:N Balun Components under Matched and Un-matched Conditions, IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, 2005, pp. 291 294. [13] Esa Tiiliharju and Kari A. I. Halonen, An Active Differential Broad-Band Phase Splitter for Quadrature-Modulator Applications, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. 53, No. 2, February 2005, pp. 679 686. [14] Marco A. Antoniades and George V. Eleftheriades, A Broadband Wilkinson Balun Using Microstrip Metamaterial Lines, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 2005, Vol. 4, pp. 209 212. [15] Alberto Costantini, Ben Lawrence, Simon Mahon, James Harvey, Gerry McCulloch, and Alexandre Bessemoulin, Broadband Active and Passive Balun Circuits: Functional Blocks for Modern Millimeter-Wave Radio Architectures, Proceedings of the 1st European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, September 2006, Manchester, UK, pp. 421 424.
Keywords are part of your site content, and as such require special attention. In fact, the selection of the right keywords is a bit of an art form that takes some time to master. For example, if your web site is dedicated to selling products for show dogs, you might assume that show dogs would be a perfect keyword. You might be wrong. Selecting the right keywords requires a good understanding of your audience and what they might be looking for when they want to find your web site. People looking for products for show dogs could search for grooming products, pedigree training, or just dog supplies. It could even be something entirely different, like the name of a product that was featured at the most recent dog show. Learning which keyword will be most effective for your site will require that you study your audience, but it also requires some trial and error. Try using different keywords each quarter to learn which ones work the best. It s also advised that you use a tracking program such as Google Analytics to monitor your web site traffic and to track the keywords that most often lead users to your site.
WiMAX/IEEE 802.16
Internal warfare destroys productivity and performance. Consultants must identify it, avoid taking sides even inadvertently, and ultimately defuse it if they are to play any kind of important role in organizational life.
The typical silicon film thickness provided by this process is 200 nm. The silicon film roughness after wafer splitting is better than 4 nm. It is better than 0.15 nm after the final polishing step. The film thickness uniformity is better than 10 nm (max-min, 200-mm wafer), and the dislocation density is lower than 102 cm- . The metal contamination is lower than 5 x 10 cm-2. The minority carrier lifetime in the UNIBOND material is on the order of 100 s, specifically, 10 times larger than in SIMOX. From an economic point of view, the Smart-Cut process is significantly better than classical BESOI processes. Indeed, the Smart-Cut process requires only n 1 starting wafers to produce n SOI wafer,;, while other BESOI processes require 2n wafers to produce n SOI wafers. In addition, this process can potentially be used to transfer a thin layer of any semiconductor material on top of an insulator. It is worthwhile noting that patterns etched on a silicon wafer can be transferred onto 28 another wafer using the Smart-Cut process.
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