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The size of the file The full path of the file The disk volume that contains the file The MIME type of the file The date and time the file was last modified The date and time the file was last accessed
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PRINT In the Instead of Trigger go INSERT Person(PersonID, LastName, FirstName, Gender) VALUES (51, Ebob , , M )
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Even though SQL Server works with 8KB data pages, the operating system I/O writes in 512byte sectors. Therefore, it s possible that a failure might occur in the middle of a data-page write, resulting in only some of the 512-byte sectors to be written. In keeping with the ACID properties of the database, the torn-page detection option instructs SQL Server to toggle a bit on each 512-byte sector with each write operation. If all the sectors were updated, all the torn-page detection bits should be identical. If, upon recovery, any of the bits are different, SQL Server can detect the torn-page condition and mark the database as suspect. Some argue that this option is not necessary if the server has battery backup and the disk subsystem has battery backup on the cache, but I still use it.
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It follows that the exact distributions of T,", T,** and T, can be calculated from the convolution powers of ,C($(z;t ) ) . Asymptotic approximations can be found by expanding G, = L(Cy$(xi;t ) ) into an asymptotic series. We may take the traditional Edgeworth expansion
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The files located in the Bin folder are generated by Visual Studio when you build your project. These include the .NET assembly that implements the functionality of the Web Service, as well as any debugging symbols generated during the build process. Now let's take a look at how the build process organizes project output files into separate debug and release configurations.
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Figure 1-1: A typical organizational data store configuration includes several master data stores feeding a single data warehouse.
When a new version of SolidWorks is released, you can often choose to install from downloaded files. In the past, you would have to uninstall and reinstall from the DVD when it arrived in order to apply service packs. This is no longer the case. You can now update a downloaded installation with service packs.
A naive approach to CSI feedback requires quantizing the entries of the transfer function matrix, resulting in a large number of bits in the feedback message. The problem is compounded by the fact that quantization of the channel coef cients has to be done with a ne resolution, because the eigenstructure of a channel matrix is fairly sensitive to changes in the coef cients. In other words, if some of the entries of the channel matrix change even by a small amount (due to the quantization), then the eigenvectors computed from this perturbed matrix can be quite different from the eigenvectors of the original matrix. Since the optimal beamforming vectors are usually along the eigenvectors of the matrix, we thus nd a strong sensitivity of beamforming vectors (and resulting SNR) to the quantization. Example 20.6 We consider a typical example for a cellular MIMO system: let the BS have 8 antenna elements, and each MS have 2 antenna elements. The system has 5 MHz bandwidth centered at 2 GHz carrier frequency, and operates in a channel with 250 kHz coherence bandwidth. The coherence time is 5 ms, corresponding to typical vehicular speeds. With 30 users in the cell, what is the total overhead data rate for the feedback Assume that real and imaginary part are quantized with 6 bits each, and a rate 2/3 code is used to protect the feedback information. The total number of feedback bits per second is 2 6 = 2 6 B 1 1 K Nt Nr 2/3 Bcoh Tcoh 5000 1 1 30 8 2 2/3 250 0.005 (20.73) (20.74) (20.75)
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