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Data Type timestamp uniqueidentifier Binary(n) Binary(max) varbinary image sql_variant Description Database-wide unique random value generated with every update System-generated 16-byte value Fixed-length data up to 8,000 bytes Fixed-length data up to 8,000 bytes Variable-length binary data up to 8,000 bytes Variable-length binary data up to 2,147,483,647 bytes Can store any data type up to 2,147,483,647 bytes Size in Bytes 8 bytes 16 bytes Defined length Defined length Bytes used Bytes used Depends on data type and length
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Part II Manipulating Data with Select
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Sharing Your Own Calendars with Others
TABLE 12.1
The best time to take night shots is right after sunset and before complete darkness, when the sky takes on a very deep blue hue. Because this time does not last very long, it is important to plan your shots in advance so that you are ready to take the shot at the best possible time.
50 Part I Using the Sony Alpha A700
This section shows that (8.39), with arbitrary functions u and u , is in some sense the most general form of an implicit equation determining ( VT V) -', In order to simplify the discussion, we assume that location is known and fixed to be t = 0. Then we can write (8.39) in the form ave{Q(Vx)} = 0 with 9 ( x ) = s( jxl)xxT - v ( lxl)I, (8.44) where s is as in (8.42). Is this the most general form of Q Let us take a sufficiently smooth, but otherwise arbitrary function @ from RP into the space of symmetric p x p matrices. This gives us the proper number of equations for thep(p 1)/2 unique components of (VTV)-l. We determine a matrix V such that (8.43)
FIGURE B.6 Thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer
share -F nfs -o log=global -d ftp site /export/home/ftp share -F nfs -o ro,log=global -d ftp site /export/home/ftp
Customizing the Aero Glass interface
FIGURE 7.71 The results up to Step 4
In the rest of this section, I m going to demonstrate these different column layouts by using a very basic wireframe. Once you get these concepts down, I ll walk you through a detailed tutorial on creating a full-featured CSS-powered page.
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