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APPENDICES 3.A.1 DC Offset Cancellation by Calibration Theoretically, zero DC offset does not exist in an ideal differential pair; however, it de nitely exists in an actual differential pair. In reality, an ideal differential pair does
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If the value of y at this leverage point disagrees with the evidence extrapolated from the other observations, this may be because:
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distribution cable, a high-frequency DSL service on one cable pair can adversely affect Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), T1 service, or other DSL services on adjacent pairs and even pairs in proximity. As I discussed in 2, an electrical signal radiates from the center of the copper core, causing the signal to attenuate and creating the potential for crosstalk between adjacent pairs in a multipair cable as the signals couple. Attenuation increases over distance, and weakened signals in adjacent pairs are increasingly vulnerable to crosstalk. There are several types of crosstalk that are of particular concern with respect to DSL services: Near-End CrossTalk (NEXT) occurs at the near end of the circuit, that is, at the end closest to the point of signal origin. Since at that point the outgoing downstream signal is at maximum strength and the incoming upstream signal is at minimum strength, the signals can couple quite easily if the Attenuationto-Crosstalk Ratio (ACR) is not maintained at acceptable levels. NEXT is a particularly signi cant issue services at the network side of the connection for ADSL services, as the pair count of the cables is quite high at the CO. However, ACR can be managed much more effectively at the edge of the telco network than at the customer premises. Far-End CrossTalk (FEXT) occurs at the far end of the loop, that is, far away from the point of signal origin. It is at that end that the attenuated downstream signal from the network can experience crosstalk from the strong upstream signal emanating from the customer equipment. FEXT is not a great issue for ADSL services at the customer premises, as the cables are successively smaller, containing fewer and fewer pairs, from the CO to the premises. In consideration of the phenomenon of crosstalk and the differences between NEXT and FEXT, most DSL services are asymmetric, with the higher frequencies on the downstream side (i.e., from the edge of the telco network to the customer premises) in support of greater bandwidth in that direction. Not only is such asymmetry technically easier to provision, but it is also entirely appropriate for DSL applications that require much more downstream than upstream bandwidth, with Web sur ng being a prime example. Note that asymmetric DSL circuits cannot be turned around to provide greater bandwidth upstream and lesser downstream. A Web-based business, for example, would typically not be well served by ADSL as its upstream bandwidth requirements would be much greater than its downstream requirements.
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Ergodic (Shannon) capacity: this is the expected value of the capacity, taken over all realizations of the channel. This quantity assumes an in nitely long code that extends over all the different channel realizations. Outage capacity: this is the minimum transmission rate that is achieved over a certain fraction of the time e.g., 90% or 95%. We assume that data are encoded with a near-Shannon-limitachieving code that extends over a period that is much shorter than the channel coherence time. Thus, each channel realization can be associated with a (Shannon) capacity value. Capacity thus becomes a random variable (rv) with an associated cumulative distribution function (cdf); see also the discussion in Section 14.9.1.
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Placing this description before the title of the blog will help it rank higher
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Con guring DDNS
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Working with WordPad/Notepad
Using more than one Loop, while useful, introduces a potential performance problem. Multiple queries to the database, especially as they become more expensive (or complex), can bog down a database. This can be exacerbated by an unoptimized database. n
1 Click the Slide Show tab. 2 Click Rehearse Timings.
Internet Infrastructure
Firewalls are devices that protect your network and computers from malicious computer hackers. The Windows Server 2008 comes with what is known as the Windows Firewall. This rewall is fairly simplistic but provides some very necessary rewall services to the machine on which it resides, as well as any machine that may share its Internet connection. Firewalls come in all shapes and sizes, and can be a PC running Windows or, perhaps, an embedded device. Embedded devices have a de nite advantage over computers running rewall software in that they typically can be used a lot faster and can inspect packets at a very high rate. Computers, conversely, have many other tasks to perform as well as packet inspection, and therefore can lose performance. In any event, a well-equipped machine running Windows Server 2008 and routing services can be a very ef cient rewall for your corporate network.
Active Directory/ DNS Domains Cityhall (A) AD Domains
N OT E Currently, there is no Trusted Solaris 9.
Part V: Mobility
M Sales Master Data Store
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