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Next, you can add a people tag to a photo. It s best to do this while viewing the photo, not in thumbnail view. Double-click on the photo you d like to tag. Then, click the Tag Someone link in the Info pane, below People Tags. When you do so, an Add People Tag balloon help window appears, asking you to click on a face in the photo. You can either click in the center of someone s face, or you can draw a selection rectangle around a face using the mouse cursor. When you do, the Tag Someone palette pops up, letting you choose which person it is from the list of people tags you ve created. This is shown in Figure 12-36.
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Watch Out!
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Although the root name servers change infrequently, the root servers can change for a variety of reasons. You can acquire a new list of root server records via FTP from Network Solutions by downloading the le You can use the le directly as your cache.dns le without modi cations. You can also click Copy from Server on the Root Hints page to copy the root hints from another server. (You specify the IP address of the other server.)
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Figure 6-21: The Snipping tool.
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This message should remind you that in-context features should be used only on parts that are fully positioned in the assembly.
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Also shown in Figure 31.19 is an auto-ballooned isometric view of the entire weldment. This works the same way that assembly auto-ballooning works, and it also corresponds to the Cut list in the same way as the assembly corresponds to the BOM. Weldment drawings can also include views of individual bodies. You can do this by making a Relative view, selecting both faces from the same body, and then using the PropertyManager of the Relative view in the window of the solid model to control whether the view shows the entire part or just selected bodies. The Relative View PropertyManager is shown in Figure 31.21.
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23 Implementing Triggers
Windows Touch: Reach Out and Touch Some Screen
veri cation. Version 2 not only enables the server to authenticate the client s request, but also enables the client to verify the server s ability to authenticate its account. Stronger encryption is provided in MS-CHAP v2. The 40-bit encryption used in previous versions operated on the user s password and resulted in the same cryptographic key being generated for each session. Version 2 uses the remote client s password, along with an arbitrary challenge string, to create a unique cryptographic key for each session, even when the client password remains the same. Better security for data transmission is provided by using separate cryptographic keys for data sent in each direction.
The two NS records define the primary and secondary DNS servers that will be used to resolve your hostnames (again, belonging to the ISP), and the two MX records define the primary ( and secondary ( mail servers that will receive and spool mail for your domain. This configuration contains two CNAME records, which define nicknames for services in your domain. The hostname is a nickname that points to the ISP server that hosts your web pages. The address is also a nickname, and it points to the same ISP server that hosts your FTP site. This is a service that most ISPs provide to customers who cannot afford to have a dedicated connection to the Internet but want to provide web and FTP services to their customers. The last two lines provide the Internet IP address information so that remote clients can connect to this server. Once a DNS server has a valid database installed, it must be able to communicate with other DNS servers to resolve hostname requests from clients and respond to other DNS servers queries about hosts in its zone. The DNS protocol was invented to accomplish that.
TABLE 13.2 Commercialized Country Codes Country Code .am .cc .fm .la .md .nu .tm .to .tv .ws Country Armenia Cocos Islands Federated States of Micronesia Laos Moldova Niue Turkmenistan Tonga Tuvalu Western Samoa Commercial Meaning AM radio Commerce FM radio Los Angeles (CA) Medical Norwegian for now Trademark Two Television Website
from landscape to portrait orientation and take the photo again. Get down on your knees and look to see if the change in height changes the photograph.
Private variables
2. Open the /etc/tomcat6/tomcat-users.xml file using the vim editor:
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