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We illustrate such EMC simulations for a heterojunction bipolar junction transistor (HBT).1 2 The basic physics of such a device has been described in 2. It is possible to glean detailed information of minority-carrier transport across the base from such EMC simulations. Typical results from simulations by Hughes et al. for SiGe NPN HBTs are shown in Figtre 4.3. For example, they show the effects of high collector currents on base transit times by explicitly accounting for the electron occupancies and velocities in the transverse and longitudinal conductionband valleys, as a function of position in the base. These simulations show that increasing the collector current density from 1 X 107 A/m 2 to 5 x 108 A/m 2 causes a change in the electron concentration profile and electric field profile in the base. This leads to an increase of the base transit time due to a base widening effect and a reduction of the base collector depletion-width transit time due to an extended collector field, or the so-called inverted collector structure. In another set of simulations for a graded bandgap, Hughes et al. were able to determine
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Switch to 4-QAM
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frequently use the Sketch toolbar. Likewise, for assemblies, you may want to display some additional toolbars and eliminate others. For this reason, when you change from a part document to a drawing document, you may see your display adjust because the changing toolbars increase or decrease the amount of space that is required.
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Select and Customize Hardware
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Endpoint Security
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Remote sensor. This is the sensor
11.3.2 Versions are Labelled States of the Repository
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Horizontal and Vertical Ordinate Dimensions have the same function as the regular Ordinate Dimensions, except that they only drive horizontal and vertical dimensions, respectively. Chamfer Dimension is another type of dimension that is only driven and only applied in drawing documents. It works by first selecting the chamfered edge and then selecting the angle reference edge. It produces dimensions like the one shown in Figure 3.31.
Figure 10-21: Configure Windows 7 for remote access.
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