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You can also check the driver. Although this is an unlikely point of failure with a printer that has been printing with no problems to date, the driver may have been changed or deleted by another administrator. If you can t get the print service printing to the physical printer within, say, ve minutes of getting a call for help, go to Step 3. 3. Attempt to redirect the jobs. Redirect the jobs to another port and physical printing device as described earlier in this chapter under the Publishing Printers section. This is a quick x that does not affect users and alleviates the pressure stemming from impatient users. They still print to the same logical printer. If the new target physical printer is located somewhere else in your of ces, notify users where they can collect their jobs. Please don t redirect the jobs to another city in another state as one CNE once did; and make sure you are redirecting the jobs to another printer of the same type and using the same driver. If you can t redirect the jobs and the other port is printing and the blocked jobs are not you most likely have a problem with the spooler and spooler les. This could have been caused by the lack of resources. You need to act fast and proceed to Step 4. 4. Stop and restart the spooler service on the print server computer. If resources starvation is the problem or the spooler is down for some reason, the spool les can become corrupted. In fact, consider giving the spooler a sharp crack on the head when everything else seems to check out. Restart the spooler and then stop and restart it again. If the spooler starts up normally and responds quickly to the restart command, but the jobs are still not printing, it s likely that they are corrupt. Delete the jobs kill the spool les and the shadow les. (You may have to take ownership to delete the les. If new jobs are still not printing, it s a drastic situation.) The les to delete are the SPL le and SHD les, previously discussed in this chapter. 5. Take the logical printer of ine. The best way to do this is to prevent access to the logical printer completely. Selecting the option Use the Printer Of ine does nothing but cause the queues to ll up with more sterile print jobs. Your users print and then rush to the printers to stare at empty hoppers like deer in headlights. It s better to tell them they have been denied access, and they will know why. We prefer to remove access from the printer completely. Go to the Security tab on the Properties dialog box and uncheck the permissions assigned to the groups using the printer. You may have to perform this exercise with several logical printers all using the port on which there is an error. 6. Notify users that there is a problem, and notify your help or service desk. When users discover they can t access a printer, they call for help. It s better to preempt the calls. 7. If you can see the port, attempt to log in. Some ports enable you to telnet into the interface box. If you can log in to the port, you can get diagnostics from the port. Many manufacturers now ship software that can query the printer for errors and diagnostics. If the printer reports errors, you may have to call in a service technician. If the printer is checking out, you may have a problem with the printer interface device such as the JetDirect card or the Lantronix device. Often, we have found these to be problem children that were xed when we downloaded new versions of their rmware.
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The other option is ICS. To use ICS, you need a host computer (your computer) that has a live Internet connection. Your computer is then connected to a hub (which looks similar to a router) where other computers are plugged in and ready to accept the Internet connection. To get started: 1. You must open Network Connections from the Control Panel. This page lists the current network connections for your computer. 2. Select the desired connection to share and open its Properties from the right-click menu (see Figure 9.18). 3. Go to the Sharing tab, and click the Allow other network users to connect through this computer s Internet connection check box. Yes, it s really that easy.
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/home (local mount point) /home/sandra (from server)
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8. Click Close to exit the Internet Accounts window.
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Tutorial: Using Equations
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IH: The nine-point circle
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To start a console-based version of emacs, open a Terminal session and, at the command prompt, type
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Error protection can be made stronger by using two codes: a so-called inner code protects the data in the usual way, as described above. Some errors can still remain (when the received word lies in the wrong correction sphere). We can thus interpret the combination of channel and inner code as a superchannel that exhibits a lower BER than the original channel. An outer code then provides protection against these errors (see Figure 14.2). The errors of the superchannel usually occur in bursts; if the inner code is an (N, K ) block code, then the length of the burst is K bits. Thus, the outer code is usually a code that is especially well suited for combating burst errors. RS codes are ef cient for these types of applications.6 Appropriate concatenation of codes is quite a dif cult task. In particular, the relative capabilities of the two codes need to be carefully balanced. If the inner code is not strong enough, then it is useless, and might even increase the BER that the outer code has to deal with.
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The Tasks Pane
You can assign multiple class IDs to Windows 200X and Windows XP/Vista clients, although only the last one assigned is actually used to retrieve DHCP data. Each client, by default, assumes the class ID Default BOOTP Class, which enables Windows 200X/XP/Vista clients that require bootp to retrieve settings from the DHCP server. If you assign any other class IDs, however, the class ID assigned last takes precedence and the client takes on all global scope options plus the scope options assigned to that last class ID. The scope options are not cumulative the client will not take on all options for all class IDs assigned to the adapter in question. Use the ipconfig command to assign a class ID to a Windows 200X/XP/Vista client. You can assign class IDs manually through a command console or startup script. The syntax for assigning a class ID is as follows:
Resource DC Domain B User
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6. Name two examples of when you might need to edit the Registry.
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23: Adding User Forums with bbPress
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