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The sample script that creates the Cape Hatteras Adventures version 2 database (CHA2_Create.sql) provides a good example of setting the cascade-delete option for referential integrity. In this case, if either the event or the guide is deleted, the rows in the event-guide many-to-many table are also deleted. The on delete cascade foreign-key option is what actually specifies the cascade action:
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The Hartley transform discussed in Section 2.3 received little attention until as its discrete version, the discrete Hartley transform (DHT), was introduced in the early 1980s by Wang [158, 159, 1601 and Bracewell [13, 14, 151. Like other discrete transforms such as the DFT or the DCT, the DHT can be implemented efficiently through a factorization of the transform matrix. This results in fast algorithms that are closely related to the FFT,and in fact, the fast Hartley transform (FHT) can be computed via the FFT, and vice versa, the FFT can be implemented via the FHT [161, 14, 1391.For example, in [l391 a split-radix approach for the FHT has been proposed. The forward and inverse discrete Hartley transform pair is given by
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6. With the sketch still active, press the Miter Flange button on the Sheet Metal toolbar. Use the settings shown in the image to the right in Figure 29.32. Select three edges as shown. Remember to select the edges on the same side of the Base Flange. In particular, notice the Start/End offset settings. Click OK when you are satisfied with the settings.
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Thermo MT 9000 XRF eld Analyser ThermoN Metallurg. Pro
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( 2 ) In the one-sample case, adjust T, such that S,,, E 0 when computed from ( 5 1 ; . . . , z,) and (2T, - 5 1 , . . . ,2T, - z,). In this case, a mirror image of the first sample serves as a stand-in for the missing second sample. In other words, we shift the second sample until the test is least able to detect a difference in location. Note that it may not be possible to achieve an exact zero, S , ,, being a discontinuous function. Thus, the location estimate T derives from a functional T ( F ) ,defined by the , implicit equation
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Within the PHP tags, you create a new variable and assign it the value from the $_GET array. This is an array created when the server detects GET variables; it sets the keys as the variable name and the value as the, uh, value. Once you have the variable set with the value from the last page, you can demonstrate that you have it by using it. Within the form that you set up to capture another variable, you can echo out the name:
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Matching at the transmission line component interface to reduce or eliminate re ected RF power involves measuring the re ected power and calculating where to add a matching element that compensates for the eld mismatch and forces the power from the transmission line into the component. The Smith Chart allows this calculation to be made. The Smith Chart is provided in Figure 3.7b. It is derived from the re ection coef cient chart of Figure 3.7a. The re ection coef cient chart shows all of the information about the mismatch. The distance out from the center of the chart is the amplitude of the re ection coef cient r, and the angle around the chart is the phase. In the gure r 0.5/458. Recall that this means the re ected electric eld is half of the incident electric eld, and the re ected eld is shifted in phase by 458 from the incident eld at the mismatch. One way to design the element that would force all of the RF waves into the component would be to solve Maxwell s equations for the electric and magnetic elds in the transmission line, in the component, and in the transition region, and then get consistent solutions where the eld con gurations match from one region to the other. This task is quite dif cult. An easier way is to use the Smith Chart. The measured RF mismatch is plotted in the same location, but the Smith Chart scales allow this mismatch to be represented as a low frequency equivalent of the RF problem. In other words, the Smith Chart represents the mismatch as an equivalent circuit of a resistor and inductor or a resistor and capacitor. Figure 3.8a shows a mismatch represented by an equivalent series circuit of a 50 V resistor and an inductor with a reactance of 50 V. The voltage across the resistor is in phase with the current, but the voltage across the inductor is 908 out of phase. The well-known vector triangle is used to solve for the total impedance of 71 V. There would be no mismatch (i.e., no re ected power) if the equivalent circuit of the transition between the transmission line and the component was just a 50 V resistor, because the component would match the 50 V characteristic impedance of the transmission line. The equivalent circuit of the mismatch could be changed into a 50 V resistor (Fig. 3.8b) by adding a capacitor to cancel out the inductance.
and the transfer function F ( z ) for the aliasing component must be zero:
Select the content you want to publish and click the Press This bookmarklet. The content will be populated into a miniaturized version of the WordPress Admin.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. This hive is a mega-glossary for Windows. It contains information on file types, objects, and how to handle them. HKEY_CURRENT_USER. This hive contains information on the user who is currently logged on. Technically, it s really just pointers to a subset of information from HKEY_USERS; any changes made here appear in both places. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. All the information about your computer is contained here. It doesn t include any information that is specific to particular users. HKEY_USERS. This is the master hive for all user-related information, whether the users are logged on or not. When you log on, your information is copied from here to HKEY_LOCAL_USER. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG. This hive only contains pointers to other keys in other hives.
than the corresponding SONET/SDH line rate, which becomes the OTN payload. Table 9.10 lists the G.709 Optical Transport Unit (OTU) line rates and the matching SONET/SDH line rates. In addition to the G.709 interface speci cation, an interface for 10GbE clients exists, utilizing the same overhead structure and FEC mechanism, which results in a line rate of 11.095 Gbps [83]. Some suggest that DWDM, rather than SONET, is the future of optical transmission. Others, including myself, feel that this is not so. Rather, SONET and DWDM will coexist quite nicely into the future. Those promoting DWDM at the expense of SONET assume that a user or carrier can make effective use of a full lambda. Certainly, a large user organization may be able to make effective use of an OC-1 (52 Mbps), OC-3 (155 Mbps), or even OC-12 (622 Mbps) lightstream for access or transport purposes, perhaps in support of integrated voice, data, and video over ATM. But carriers cannot cost effectively dedicate a full lightstream for that purpose when they can run it at OC-192 rates of 10 Mbps in support of a large number of end users and a great variety of native data types. Because SONET is TDM based, it can handle any type of data; in fact and as previously discussed, SONET can support multiple data types over the same facility. Rather, the long-haul carriers typically will use SONET at the access level. For long-haul transport, they will run SONET transparently inside each DWDM wavelength, thereby realizing the advantages of each. The SONET frame format will be supported inside DWDM, EDFAs will be used in conjunction with Raman ampli cation, OADMs will switch signals at the optical level, and SONET devices will switch signals at the STS-1 level. An additional argument in support of this approach centers on the robust nature of SONET Operations, Administration, and Management (OA&M) features, on which the carriers rely greatly to manage and maintain their networks. Further, WDM is purely a point-to-point technology, with no inherent provisions for recovery in the event of a network failure; the self-healing feature of SONET is of great value in optical networking. 9.2.10 Packet over SONET
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The Extensions section shows the currently installed extensions. The only extension Ubuntu installs by default is the Ubuntu Firefox pack, a customized set of features for Ubuntu. Click the Get Add-ons link (if you are connected to the Internet) to open a web page that lets you browse to see what extensions are available. You ll see a list of common extensions that are recommended to install, plus a link to get Ubuntu-specific extensions. When you click the Ubuntu extensions link, the Ubuntu Install/Remove Extensions dialog box appears, shown in Figure 8-7. You can peruse a list of extensions you can add to Firefox and select the ones you think might come in handy.
Sometimes a solution has multiple projects, and one project requires that another be built first. In my example here, I have a library project called HelloWorldLib, and a Console project called HelloWorldClient that uses the library. The client project has a dependency on the library. When you run into this type of scenario, you can specify the build order by selecting the project dependencies. To do this, select the Project Dependencies command from the Project menu. This opens the Project Dependencies dialog box (see Figure 18-4).
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Figure 4.24 Simulation setup for testing impedance Z1.
P, dB
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