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Plans are only as good as the information and assumptions on which they are based and, therefore, must be updated as the information changes and becomes more accurate and as the planning horizon becomes better understood. Cost estimates are critical planning inputs, yet are notoriously inaccurate at the project inception, especially for the software tasks. Appendix D provides a software development cost estimating process that has proven effective in
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Figure 3.3: An example of sectorisation, using three sectors per base station, showing the reduced levels of interference with respectto an omni-directional base station antenna scenario.
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When I started writing, I kept a low pro le and never used my name in any advertising communications. But as I became more pro cient and saw the effect a personal message could create in direct mail, I started using my byline in print on a regular basis. In my catalog, I could speak in the rst person about all the products because on the rst page of the catalog I introduced myself in a letter to my customers. Even Magazines Have Personalities I remember reading a story about the image conveyed by the magazine itself. Forbes magazine has a strong personality. Steve Forbes now runs the publication and his editorials appear in every issue. A reader feels more personally involved with the publication. In contrast, BusinessWeek appears more like a corporate publication even though it has many bylines. A businesswoman once commented that she could put her arms around Forbes and hug the magazine but would only feel comfortable shaking BusinessWeek s hand. So it is with copywriting. You want to create a very personal image so that people will emotionally respond to you, feel close and feel very comfortable parting with their hard-earned money and buying your product or service.
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Part VII: Windows 7 Power User
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1 Exploring the Sony Alpha A700
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In the United States, drawings are traditionally made and understood using the Third Angle Projection, which is the ANSI standard. In Europe, drawings typically use First Angle Projection, which is the ISO standard. If you are not careful about making and reading your drawings, then you could make a serious mistake. There are times when in the United States, the SolidWorks software will install with ISO standard templates, which will project views using First Angle Projection. When using a template that you are unfamiliar with, it is a good idea to check the projection method. To do this, RMB click the drawing sheet and select Sheet Properties. The Type of Projection setting appears in the top middle of the dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.21. This dialog box looks similar to the Sheet Format/Size dialog box, but it has some additional options, including the projection type.
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18.3.3 Methods for Capacity Increases
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to find external modems that use serial port connections. USB external modems plug into the standard USB port on the workstation and communicate as a normal USB device. Ubuntu can usually automatically detect an externally connected modem, whether it s a serial or USB connection. If Ubuntu doesn t automatically detect your external modem, first check to make sure the modem turned on when you boot your system. If it did, then check to make sure the cable is secured to the proper port on the workstation. Internal modems are built inside the workstation. Some workstation motherboards contain modems built into them, while others use cards you can plug directly into the motherboard. Ubuntu has somewhat of a checkered past in dealing with internal modems. If Ubuntu automatically detects your internal modem, you re in good shape. If it doesn t, you may have to invest in an external modem instead. There s a special type of internal modem, called Winmodem, that may cause problems for you. Winmodems perform some of the functionality of a modem in software that (as the name suggests) runs on the Windows platform. You must be careful about Winmodems because not all of them can be used by Linux. The best resource for working with Winmodems in Linux is the linmodems.org web site: http://linmodems.org. This site provides detailed advice on which Winmodems are directly supported in Linux and how to obtain drivers for those that aren t.
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TABLE 22.2
comprises a component that is able to generate textual summaries based on information distribution in discourses, visualize graphical summaries of texts and relate personal pro les to summary generation (Bremdal, 2000). By offering a server for semantic analysis of natural language (free text) texts it effectively puts the esh on the bones of the Semantic Web (Bremdal and Johansen, 2000; Engels and Bremdal, 2000). Analyses of structured and unstructured texts are performed by OntoBuilder. The basic principles on which the linguistic approach is based are explained in Section 6.3. In short, three main scenarios for applying the CORPORUM system can be identi ed: 1. extraction of information from texts for building knowledge bases (cf. semantic web); 2. retrieval of information from other sources (search scenarios); and 3. strategies to compress, visualize and disseminate information to people (dissemination and navigation). It is at the extraction layer that OntoBuilder is de ned. It consists of the two modules OntoExtract and OntoWrapper. The OntoBuilder toolbox will eventually be able to extract all kinds of information from structured sources (OntoWrapper) and unstructured free text (OntoExtract). These documents could be available on your local intranet or the World Wide Web.
VERY CHILD CAN associate the telephone with Alexander Graham Bell, the electric light with Thomas Edison, and the airplane with the Wright brothers. But who do we think of as the inventor of television Some want to give that honor to Zworykin, whereas others feel that American-born Philo Farnsworth owns the title. You decide for yourself! Actually, the development of television was simply too large an enterprise to have been the sole work of one gifted individual or even an inspired group. You might compare it to the construction of a large jet airplane, which we know would require the talents of a large number of skilled people whose identities and special abilities will forever remain unknown. In the case of television, however, there was a lengthy preamble of independent and uncoordinated effort undertaken by a great many dedicated scientists and engineers working privately all around the world. The concept of a technology that would enable humans to communicate with each other through their two principal senses, sight and sound, undiminished by distance, was a popular Jules Verne-type fiction for many years. A number of visionary writers (skipping the cartoon book and fiction writers) projected their ideas of the effects that electric picture connections would have on everyday living. The best known of these early writers on the subject of distant electric vision, and the most accurate predictor, was a prominent British electrical engineer, named A. A. Campbell Swinton, who proposed the idea of an entirely electronic video system in 1908. As desirable a prize as Swinton s system would have been, the staggering physical difficulties inTele-Visionaries: The People Behind the Invention of Television. By Richard C. Webb Copyright 2005 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
DirectX s non backward compatibility raises a question: If DirectX 10 doesn t work with past versions, how does Windows Vista run pre-DirectX 10 games (like Company of Heroes, shown in Figure 21.2) and support pre-DirectX 10 hardware The answer is that Vista also includes DirectX 9L, a version of DirectX 9.0c that Microsoft included for backward compatibility.
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