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Figure 4-16: The Mouse Preferences dialog box.
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Objects that are not container objects, such as user objects, are known as leaf objects, or end node objects, as illustrated in Figure 17-10. When a leaf object is added to the container, the nesting ends there.
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PowerPoint removes the transition. You can click Apply to All to remove transitions from all slides in the presentation.
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For the complex envelope, we have
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of a SSP, containing a SSF/CCF, with a SCP containing a SCF. The SSP and the SCP are connected by SS7 signaling links. Only the TC layers are shown, and for an explanation of TC dialogs and messages we refer the reader to 16. The service in this example is freephone in a case where the SCP calculates charges. The SSP detects a triggering event (DP) based on the dialed digits and decides to invoke an InitialDP operation from the SCP. Upon receipt of the operation request, the SCP responds with the invocation of three operations, all transported in the same TC message: 1. FurnishChargingInformation, which speci es, in one of the parameters, the type of charging information to be collected (in this case the called party is charged) 2. Connect, which instructs the SSP to establish the connection between the calling and the called party 3. CallInformationRequest, which instructs the SSP to send information to the SCP at the end of the call so it can compute the charges
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Part IV
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Figure 5.11 Comparison of frequency response of tunable lter. with second coupling without second coupling
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Here are some resources related to the front end of development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The W3C Validator. The World Wide Web Consortium is the standard-setting body for the technologies that drive modern web development. Here, you can test your code against the specifications to determine if you have properly formatted your HTML and CSS: http://validator.w3.org. HTML 4.x/xHTML 1.x Tag Reference. This offers an alphabetical listing of all HTML tags, including examples of their use: www.w3schools.com/tags/default.asp. CSS Reference. This is a very good reference for CSS, including examples of each tag: www.w3schools.com/css/css_reference.asp. Explorer Exposed. This page outlines the major problems you ll encounter with Internet Explorer as well as solutions and workarounds: www.positionis everything.net/explorer.html. JavaScript Reference. This site provides a handy reference for the JavaScript language, including the Document Object Model (DOM): www.javascriptkit.com/ jsref/index.shtml. Prototype and Scriptaculous. For information about the JavaScript framework and animation library, look no further than these sites: www.prototypejs.org and http://script.aculo.us.
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A full understanding of subnetting is essential for deploying Active Directory across multiple sites in an enterprise or the Internet. For more information, see s 22 through 25.
The TCP/IP protocol suite by itself does not provide for encryption or data security, an obvious concern for users who need to transmit data securely across a public network such as the Internet. The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) provides a means for encapsulating and encrypting IP for secure transmission. PPTP is an extension of PPP that enables you to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between a client and server. PPP frames in a PPTP session are encrypted using Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE), with the encryption keys generated using the CHAP authentication process. PPTP by itself does not provide encryption, but rather encapsulates the already encrypted PPP frames. In order to provide a secure connection, the client must use either CHAP or EAP authentication. Otherwise, the PPP frames are encapsulated unencrypted (plain text). Figure 6-3 illustrates how PPTP encapsulates data. PPTP is installed by default when you install Windows Server 2008 RRAS.
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