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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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Connection strings can contain expressions, allowing the connection string to be determined at runtime. For example, the following connection string will connect to the server and database specified by the parameter:
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Compared to a Tablet PC, of course, a UMPC is much more compact and portable, which should appeal to a number of user types, including students, soccer moms, and traveling salespeople. Compared to a netbook, a UMPC is more expensive, but it doesn t need to be opened up for use. And its touch screen makes such devices more natural to use than netbooks, which are often cramped. Because most UMPCs don t look like normal PCs, you don t expect them to act or perform like their bigger siblings. Thanks to a variety of innovative hardware designs, you ll see interesting keyboard and pointing device solutions. For example, the Samsung Q-Series UMPCs, shown in Figure 18-33, feature an impressive and tiny smartphone-like thumb keyboard, split in half such that there are keys on each side of the screen. Holding the device with two hands, as you would naturally, the keys are right where your thumbs are, and work just like the keyboard on the smartphone you re probably already using. You wouldn t want to type a dissertation on that keyboard, but it s great for e-mail, Web browsing, document editing, and other light editing tasks, and is certainly much better than an onscreen virtual keyboard (which is also available courtesy of the Tablet PC functionality in Windows, of course). When you re back at the office, you can plug into USB keyboards and mice, and even an external screen, and have a desktop-like experience, albeit a fairly slow one.
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This little application gives you big control over a graphics card. Notice the menu on the left of the window it allows you to navigate to different areas of the control center. For gaming options, zero in on the menu item called 3D. Clicking the + sign next to it reveals a submenu as shown in Figure 23.19.
The incumbent voice carriers all built their networks around circuit switching. As they converted from analog to digital technology, they introduced TDM, ISDN, and SS7, but circuit switching remained the technological network foundation. The carriers introduced Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) into the backbone in the mid-1980s, and by the early 1990s ATM was touted as the ultimate networkswitching technology in the WAN and even in the Local Area Network (LAN) domain. Ethernet overwhelmed ATM in the LAN and the Internet Protocol (IP) is doing the same thing in the WAN. While I discuss the details of Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET) ber optics, ATM switching, IP, data compression, and other elements of the VoIP mix in other chapters, I nd it appropriate to discuss the overall concept now as VoIP seems certain to be the foundation for the nextgeneration PSTN. More correctly, IP will be the dominant protocol in the next generation of networks. These networks will support a multimedia blend of voice, audio, data, fax, image, and video at broadband speeds. As noted previously, voice originates as an acoustic signal. In order to transmit voice over a network, it must rst be converted to an analog electrical signal format. To send that voice signal over a digital network, it must be encoded into a digital (data) format, and it must be decoded back into an analog signal on the receiving end. The standard encoding technique is Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), which requires that the analog signal be sampled 8000 times per second at precise and regular intervals of 125 s (microseconds), which represents 1/8000th of a second. In other words, each sample represents exactly 125 s of a voice information stream. Each of the PCM samples comprises eight data bits, or one data byte (think of it as a sound byte). The string of sound bytes in a voice conversation, according to the normal conventions, requires a 64-kbps channel, also known as a DS-0 (Digital Signal level Zero), which is the fundamental building block of all digital telephony. A sound byte might represent an utterance or it might represent a moment of silence (i.e., a silence byte). A voice transmission contains lots of moments of silence. Further, the human conversational convention generally involves only one active direction of the conversation at a given time. In other words, we take turns talking, rather than overtalking each other. Therefore, a circuit supporting a voice conversation generally is silent in one direction or the other. In a conventional PSTN scenario, each of the sound bytes (and silence bytes) associated with one voice transmission is interleaved with those of other transmissions through a process of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and ows across the network from end to end. At every step of the way, every network element must maintain a very tight synchronization of the individual sound bytes that comprise the information stream. Essentially, all the circuits and switches must ensure that
FIGURE 13.13 Applying a Gear mate
Sketching in SolidWorks is something that you will do almost every time you open the software. There are a lot of automated features available that you can allow to do the work for you. You also have a lot of control to make changes manually. The options for creating intelligent relationships that establish your design intent, as well as SolidWorks capabilities in laying out mechanisms, is only limited by your imagination. The more familiar you become with the tools in your toolbox, the more of a craftsman you can become with this software.
tox for logic technologies has been determined by the scenario of driving large Cinterconnect, simply because such a tox is optimum for driving long lines and near optimum for driving large fanouts. 10.2.8 Short-Channel Effects (SCE)
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The factors affecting thin- lm growth in the SILAR process include the concentrations, pH, and counter-ions of the precursor solutions. In the deposition of ZnS lms, for example, an increase in the zinc ion concentration has been observed to increase the growth rate up to a saturation point where total coverage of the surface is achieved. Use of sulfate instead of chloride as the counter-ion for zinc clearly reduced the growth rate. The reason is that at pH 5.5, which was used in the ZnS deposition, the concentrations of monovalent zinc species in the ZnCl2 solution, ZnCl+ and Zn(OH)+, are higher than the concentration of Zn(OH)+ in the ZnSO4 solution. Monovalent cations have been shown to adsorb more readily than divalent cations.1 The cation precursor can also be complexed by an organic ligand, which enables the choice of cation species by adjusting the pH of the solution.9,10 In complexation, the metal ions are ideally situated in one chemical environment. Therefore, the deposition reaction is in better control than in uncomplexed reactions, where several different chemical species may exist. Also, the size of the counter-ion of the cation precursor may have an effect on the growth rate, as was observed in the deposition of PbS.10 Proper pretreatment of the substrate has a notable role for good attachment of the thin lm to substrate as has been observed in deposition of ZnS and PbS lms by SILAR.9,10 Temperature may also have a role in lm growth because of the higher mobility of ions in the precursor solutions and a more ef cient rinsing step. 8.2.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of SILAR The possibility to grow good-quality thin lms at room temperature and normal pressure is the main advantage of SILAR relative to the gas-phase techniques. Moreover, since vacuum systems are not required, SILAR deposition equipment is simple and inexpensive. Similarly, toxic chemicals, such as selenium compounds, which are easier and safer to handle as solutions than as gases, can be more conveniently employed in SILAR. From the environmental point of view, a notable advantage of SILAR is that the system is totally closed and all the chemicals that are used are recyclable. Compared with other solution-phase methods, especially with CBD, an important advantage of SILAR is the facile control over lm thickness using
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Using this you can place each option and expression on a separate line in your script, making things cleaner and easier to follow. The EOF string indicates the beginning and end of the data to redirect to the bc command. Of course, you need to use the backtick characters to indicate the command to assign to the variable. You ll also notice in this example that you can assign variables within the bash calculator. It s important to remember that any variables created within the bash calculator are only valid within the bash calculator, and can t be used in the shell script.
In Dreamweaver, click the Code button on the Document toolbar.
Modulation Formats
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