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3 Click Advanced. 4 Click and drag the scroll bar to
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Understanding Smart Component elements Applying Smart Components Creating Smart Components Working with Smart Components tutorial
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X Display Manager (XDM) An OpenWindows program that manages X displays. xdmcp X display management console protocol. X server In the X protocol, the server is the system that serves windows to a user (i.e., the user s local system). X Window System A network-based (as opposed to local) windowing system developd at MIT. yp An early name for NIS. The acronym stands for Yellow Pages, but this name is no longer used because it is a trademark of British Telecom. zone With respect to DNS, a boundary for a name server s authoritativeness. A zone relates to the way the DNS database is partitioned and distributed.
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This command closes the active document. You might also consider using Close All, which is found in the Window menu.
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Using Annotations and Symbols
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Taking Pictures and Videos with the Camera
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N symb OFDM symbols
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The Verification on rebuild option
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A Group Policy console created using the Group Policy Snap-in.
Completely Unprotected Functionality Identifier-Based Functions Multistage Functions Static Files Insecure Access Control Methods
each image is stored in the basic RAW format. This mode saves the image as an uncompressed RAW le. The information from the A700 s sensor is saved without any processing. Images taken in this mode cannot be used without rst being converted into a useable format. Because RAW les save the raw data from the camera, the white balance can be adjusted in the computer after the images
Consider using hotkeys to toggle the display of your favorite items to hide and show. I use T for Temporary Axes, P for Planes, R for Origins, and so on. n
The Aero Peek feature is used elsewhere in Windows 7, too. When you mouse over a taskbar button s Live Preview, you will see the underlying window displayed as a fullscreen preview too. (We look at the new Windows 7 taskbar in just a bit.) Also, when you use the Windows Flip windows-switching keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab Aero Peek is used to preview each window as you move around the z-order.
A few other commands
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The General tab shows the down-level domain name and has a place to enter a description of the domain itself. Below these options is the Change Domain Modes selection. Mixed-mode domain operation allows down-level Windows NT domain controllers to exist in the domain and authenticate user logons. Mixed mode is the default mode at installation, so switching to native mode must be a conscious decision. If your Windows 2000 installation is beginning from scratch, and there are no legacy domains or issues that will coexist, then switching to native mode is perfectly acceptable. It must be noted that this change is irreversible, so the decision must be researched prior to flipping the switch. The Trusts tab displays trust information (if more than one domain exists in the tree) and permits the addition or removal of trust relationships. Kerberos trusts are automatically built between parent and child domains upon creation of the tree structure. The relationship is shown in the display. It is possible to create lateral trusts or shortcut trusts between peer domains; that is, domains that are on that same level. This action may be used to speed up authentication channels between domains instead of using the transitive trust to authenticate users or services to objects, though this may not be necessary in many implementations. The last tab is an information tab that offers input for the managing party of the domain. Entering the top-level Domain Administrators group here will allow root administrators to manage this domain. The group or person entered here will depend on the structure of hierarchy and the management model used.
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