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Trusting Resources
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The foundations discussed up to this point include the basic Mindles for managing uncertainty and risk. To fully understand them, you need to apply them. Ironically, understanding may not happen when you are concentrating on an application, but rather when your mind is wandering and you suddenly make a connection. In this section, I will present some important areas of application that may serve as catalysts for those connections. I will begin with Part 5 on modern nance, an area in which Nobel Prizes were won for conquering the Flaw of Averages. I will then discuss other areas in which the Flaw is still prevalent.
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his chapter deploys an Active Directory infrastructure. Working from the deployment plan blueprint described in this chapter, you will be able to identify and modify the elements of the deployment plan that will suit your con guration, be it a solution for a small network or a WAN connecting multiple domain controllers and an extensive Active Directory tree. This chapter is divided into two parts, theory and overview in the rst part, and actual implementation in the second part.
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Change Control and Workplace Management
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Wireless Communications
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The workflow for placing notes
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The input of the filter requires a standardized, generic printing language. Linux uses one called PostScript. Business-class printers typically can print PostScript data without any data conversion, making the job of the filter quite easy. Unfortunately, most home printers don t utilize the PostScript language, so Linux had to incorporate a more advanced filter system for them.
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Security and Active Directory
FIGURE 12.4 Adding in-context Update Holders
A natural key reflects how reality identifies the object. People s names, automobile VIN numbers, passport numbers, and street addresses are all examples of natural keys. There are pros and cons to natural keys: Natural keys are easily identified by humans. On the plus side, humans can easily recognize the data. The disadvantage is that humans will want to assume meaning into the primary key, often creating intelligent keys, assigning meaning to certain characters within the key. Humans also tend to modify what they understand. Modifying primary key values is troublesome. If you use a natural primary key, be sure to enable cascading updates on every foreign key that refers to the natural primary key so that primary key modifications will not break referential integrity. Natural keys propagate the primary key values in every generation of the foreign keys. In addition, the composite foreign keys tend to grow wide, as they include multiple columns to include every ascending primary key. The benefit is that it is possible to join from the bottom secondary table to the topmost primary table without including every intermediate table in a series of joins. The disadvantage is that the foreign key become complex and most joins must include several columns. Natural keys are commonly not in any organized order. This will hurt performance, as new data inserted in the middle of sorted data creates page splits.
Working with Assemblies
The first problem you might run into when managing your database is the need to alter your database tables. Yes, people are people, and change is a part of development. Look at my
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