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Managing Performance
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FIGURE 32.15 Face Classification draft analysis and a straddle face
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vendor. When you want to use third-party add-on software like how you used FasterCSV and Prawn in the last chapter you install it here. There are other directories that I won t go into now, but this gets you started. Your todo application lets you manage lists of things: tasks, groceries, life goals, or whatever. You can create lists, and for each list, you can manage a group of items. You can add list items, mark them as complete, and delete them altogether. As you go through the steps to develop this application, you ll take it from the perspective of those three major patterns that Rails uses: models, views, and controllers. You ll build each part in turn.
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If the secondary rows are logically deleted during the primary table s logical delete operation, the advantage is that the secondary rows are already marked for deletion, so the read operation won t have to check the primary table for logically deleted rows. The problem is determining whether the logically deleted secondary row has been logically deleted itself or because its primary row was logically deleted. It s possible to use two flags, one for the row logical delete, and one for a cascade logical delete. In keeping with the saying that today s solution is tomorrow s problem, even this causes headaches. Assume an order is logically deleted, and the logical delete is cascaded to the order-detail table. One of the order-detail rows points to a product that has been logically deleted. When the order is undeleted and the order-detail rows are undeleted, the orderdetail row that was logically deleted because of the product logical delete should stay logically deleted. There are two possible solutions. The first solution is to add a logical cascade delete flag for each foreign-key relationship for a table. This makes the code less than generic and potentially very messy, so I don t like this solution. The second solution is to use a single logical delete cascade flag, but to build a very comprehensive undelete system that examines every primary-table relationship before undeleting a row. While this method entails the most work, it s the best solution.
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The Design Library can also store commonly used library parts. One of the advantages of using the library for parts is that on placement into the assembly, if configurations are available in a part, then a window pops up, enabling you to select which configuration to place into the assembly.
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It is often assumed that a central control node knows all the |hs,k |2 and |hk,d |2 . In practice, this would require considerable signaling overhead, and is therefore undesirable. It is therefore preferable to use algorithms similar to the ones that used to control multiple access for packet radio systems (see 17), in a distributed manner:
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Figure 22-3: The Samba shared folder open in Windows XP.
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moved to a new location if the Backup folder is specified). Also new for SolidWorks 2007 is the purge of backup files by age. n Save notification: This is the kind of setting that you will probably use after you have crashed and lost a lot of work. It is a nice reminder that does not have to get in the way of work, but not everyone has enough patience to deal with persistent (if polite) nagging. You need to balance how much work can you afford to lose with how often can you withstand the persistent reminders.
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