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# Last modified 04/08/99, JRR #Put the platform name (or any handy referential bit of info) #and the SSP s IP in this hash table. %hosts = ( STARFIREone => , STARFIREtwo => ); #Action - the actual binary to run. This should take the message as an #argument. Listed below is an example - it calls an external paging #script. It would be very easy to mail as well. $action = page.ksh RUGGERI ; $date = /usr/bin/date + %b %e ; $hour = /usr/bin/date + %H ; $min = /usr/bin/date + %M ; chomp($date, $hour, $min); if ($min < 10) { $hour--; } $mdate = $date . $hour; if (-e /tmp/.sspmon.state ) { open (STATE, /tmp/.sspmon.state ); flock STATE, 2; @state = <STATE>; flock STATE, 8; close (STATE); unlink ( /tmp/.sspmon.state ); } HOSTLOOP: foreach $host (keys %hosts) { @msgs = rsh $hosts{$host} cat /var/opt/SUNWssp/adm/messages | grep \ $mdate\ ; if (scalar @msgs == 0) { next HOSTLOOP; } else { @fail = grep /(FAILED)|(OFF)|(911\stemp)/, @msgs; if (scalar @fail == 0) { next HOSTLOOP; } foreach $grr (@fail) { chomp($grr); $grr =~ s/^.*\(.*\).*:\s//; $argh{$grr} = 1; } foreach $failu (sort keys %argh) { $message = E10K Alert ($host): . $failu; if (scalar @state) { foreach $old (@state) { chomp($old); if ($message eq $old) { $oldmess{$message} = 1; } } } if (!exists $oldmess{$message}) { system $action \ $message\ ; $oldmess{$message} = 1; print $message\n ; } } } } open (STATE, >/tmp/.sspmon.state ) || die Can t open state file ;
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50 McCain Versus DJIA October 1 October 13 45 McCain at 50 corresponds to DJIA at 1,320.
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Figure 13.24. New key values are easy to add.
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For JSP and Java servlet applications to work, you must have a Java environment, along with a web server. The Apache Project created a separate software package just for handling the Java web environment. Tomcat is a combination Java code processor and web server that can handle both JSP and Java servlet applications as a single package. It bundles three separate packages into one application:
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Like Home Description, the Home Keywords field controls a meta tag. Namely, it populates your meta keywords tag with descriptive keywords for your site. Make sure you list all your keywords as comma-separated values (that is, phones, blackberry, mobile, wireless, iPhone).
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FIGURE 11.44 Effects of packet length on throughput for CSMA and slotted ALOHA with capture. The modulation is BPSK and SNR = 20 dB.
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Using module technology to provide integration, Company A was able to develop an RF front-end module combining the PA and switch capabilities. This resulted in a lower component count. Because the module technology was fairly well understood, they were able to further reduce the BOM as well. Another area of integration was in the power management unit (PMU). With these additions, the overall BOM was further lowered to $19.50, as indicated in, Figure 8.4. All these techniques were centered on the rest of BOM. They had not modified the baseband and RF portion of the entire system. Generally, further reduction may be obtained by adopting a ZIF architecture for the radio. The approach taken here was to evaluate other alternative receiver architectures with the goal of determining the architecture best suited to scalability, cost, and performance. The superheterodyne architecture is still widely used in the industry and is very well understood and robust. However, due to the cost-sensitive nature of wireless LAN 1C chips, it is being replaced by newer architectures such as ZIF and sliding IF. Figure 8.5 shows how the final target BOM of $15 is achieved. Basically, the change is in the radio architecture from a superheterodyne to a direct-conversion ZIF, resulting in fewer components, smaller size, and lower power consumption.
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Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+x (where x represents the number of the tab, as numbered from 1 to 8) Ctrl+9 Ctrl+Alt+F4 Ctrl+Q Ctrl+(+) or Ctrl+(=) Ctrl+(-) Ctrl+0 Ctrl+E Alt+Enter (from the Search box) Ctrl+Down Arrow (from the Search box) Ctrl+H Ctrl+I Ctrl+J
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Part VI Optimization Strategies
If the frequency terms in the parentheses of Eq. 10.52 are omitted, then Ygsi simplifies to -j~oCgsi, which is exactly the QS expression used in BSIM3 and shown in Eq. 10.31. 17 0 In Eq. 10.52, the parameters ri and T2 are given by 4 1 a 2 + 3o+1I 15o)() (1 + C)31 1 1 5CX2 + 8cx + 2 15 wo 'I + c)2(I + 2c)
Severity Level (V/m) 1 2 3 X Test Field Strength 1 3 10 Special
And in listitem.rb, add this code to define the other side of the relationship (new code is in bold):
Setting the depth of the Broken-out Section View
(f )
As the name implies, this algorithm still gathers cases together into clusters, but based on a sequence of events or items rather than case attributes. For example, the sequence of web pages visited during user sessions can be used to define the most common paths through that website.
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