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Creating a new plane
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signi cant change in the shape of the excitation spectrum: high energy photons are ltered out and the excitation spectrum is distorted towards low energies. This effect leads to smaller focal spot sizes in the high energy region. When applied in combination with air-cooled, low-power X-ray tubes, capillary collimators and
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Mounted volumes
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FIGURE 26.11
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Figure 13.13 Semantic browsing with Spectacle. The user selected the By Author option, then chose the author Fredrik Ygge and the concept cable length. The result is all the pages (co)authored by Fredrik Ygge where he discusses cable types
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FIGURE 23.20 Catalyst Control Center with all 3D options displayed
At the bottom of this area, Action Center also provides handy links to configuring various related features such as the Customer Experience Improvement Program, problem reporting, and Windows Update.
Design Documents Description
Management Studio Management Studio Management Studio
As I mentioned in this chapter s introduction, many PC manufacturers these days cut corners on the size of the power supply. Systems that should really have a 300-watt power supply come with a 100- or 150-watt unit. That anemic power supply may be fine for supplying power to the PC as it shipped from the factory, but install extra memory, an internal CD-RW drive, internal modem, video card, and network adapter, and a 100-watt power supply is likely to create all sorts of hardto-diagnose problems or simply overheat and die. So how many watts do you really need My stock answer is to get the most wattage you can in a given size, or form factor as the techies like to call size. A beefier power supply runs cooler (and therefore safer), is better for your PC, is less likely to die under stress, and is more likely to deliver constant, solid volts. Is this approach wasteful of electricity Not much. The difference in energy use will amount to just a few cents a month on your electric bill. The reason is that power supplies supply only the amount of power that your system is demanding. A 350-watt power supply doesn t supply 350 watts unless the devices in your PC need that much power. If you want to get scientific about it, though, you certainly can. I ve compiled Table 8.1 from several different sources. If your PC came with detailed power specs, that information will be more accurate for your system than these generic ballpark estimates.
among others. In software, a similar situation exists. Software objects have defined characteristics and perform certain specified functions on request, much like the battery in the prior example. When called, the software object provides its specified service just as the battery provides power when called. Associate users are any other element of the system that might need the specified service provided by the object. All direct and ultimate users need to approve baseline elaboration concepts submitted for approval. This in-process validation should ensure the integration of mutually compatible elements of the system. In eXtreme and Agile programming processes, intense user collaboration is required throughout the development of the project to provide ongoing validation of project progress. Ultimate user validation is usually conducted by the user in the actual user s environment, pressing the solution capability to the limit of user expectations. User validation may incorporate all of the verification techniques that follow. It is prudent for the solution developer to duplicate these conditions prior to delivery.
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