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Figure 3.35 Energy-band diagram illustrating the mechanisms of the band-to-band tunneling-induced substrate hot-electron (BBISHE) injection. Electron A is a tunneling electron, A' the hole, and B and B' the electron-hole pair created by impact ionization. When the electron (labeled A) band-to-band tunnels into the conduction band, the hole A' left behind travels across the high-field region and creates electron-hole pairs (B and B') via impact ionization. The generated electron B will drift back toward the Si/SiO 2 interface and may gain enough energy to travel across the SiO 2 barrier and become gate current (labeled C). (after Chen and Teng, Ref. 81).
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where i (t), i (t), and i (t) represent the magnitude, arrival delay, and phase of the ith path in time. The output of the receiver correlator is then given by
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30 Maximum 40 50 Power spectrum density (dBm) 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 Frequency (MHz) 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Avg. (outdoor, whole measure) Avg. (indoor, whole measure) Thermal noise floor Minimum Average
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Figure 3.3.14 A portable X-ray tube with Mo target is focused to a spot size of 100 150 m by means of a polycapillary lens. The X-ray uorescence lines emitted by an object under study are observed with a silicon PIN diode detector
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File Server role. This role lets you set up all the bits, bells, and whistles that come with a Windows le server. This role also lets you install Share and Storage Management, the Distributed File System (DFS), the File Server Resource Manager application for managing le servers, Services for Network File System (NFS), Windows File Services, which include stuff like the File Replication Service (FRS), and so on. The File Server role is discussed in s 13 through 15. Network Policy and Access Services. This provides the following network connectivity solutions: Network Access Protection (NAP), the client health policy creation, enforcement, and remediation technology; secure wireless and wired access (802.1X), wireless access points, remote access solutions, virtual private network (VPN) services, Radius, and more. The Network Policy and Access Service is discussed in 6. Print Management role. The print services provide a single interface that you use to manage multiple printers and print servers on your network. Printer management is discussed in 12. Terminal Services role. This service provides technologies that enable users to access Windows-based programs that are installed on a terminal server. Users can execute applications remotely (they still run on the remote server) or they can access the full Windows desktop on the target server. Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI). UDDI Services provide capabilities for sharing information about Web services. UDDI is used on the intranet, between entities participating on an extranet, or on the Internet. Web Server role. This role provides IIS 7.0, the Web server, ASP.NET, and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Windows Deployment Services. These services are used for deployment of new computers in medium to large organizations.
Part VI Optimization Strategies
WLL systems often can be deployed much more quickly and much less expensively that wireline systems. The aggregate bandwidth of a WLL system can be apportioned to end users on a channelized basis and often very exibly so. The system can be con gured and recon gured remotely, often without a truck roll.
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