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RAID Disk Subsystems
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Exploring the World Wide Web
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The front of the A700 is not only the place where the lens is attached, it is also the location of a key control: the Focus mode lever. Knowing where all the controls are located is important when shooting. The time spent trying to locate the right lever or switch can be the difference between getting the shot and talking about the one that got away.
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FIGURE 31.20 A centered rectangle in a 3D sketch
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You can send Remote Assistance requests with MSN Messenger or by e-mail.
12. Click Tools Sketch Entities Text to initiate the creation of sketch text. 13. Select the construction arc to go into the Curves window. 14. In the Text window, type SolidWorks. Select the Full Justify option.
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3 = sup $(z), and 1c, = inf $(z); then $ - - 5 sup d ( z , y) <_ 1; thus $ S~dFl-SII,dFo5S~~~-S~,dFoil. ItfollowsthatdgL(Ft,F,)i It-sl.
That said, you have two options regarding how you create different sizes. The default option is that sizes are created as configurations within a single part. The other option is that sizes are created as individual files. The best time to make this choice is before you install SolidWorks. Unfortunately, before you install SolidWorks, you probably do not have any idea that these issues exist. The reason for making this decision not just early, but immediately, is that if you start using the default setting (configurations), and make a few configurations for some parts and then switch to using the Save Parts setting, the parts that are saved out will all have the pre-existing configurations and thus different sizes. If you find yourself in this situation, it is better to reinstall Toolbox or simply to copy over a new default set of parts with no configurations. You can access the Create Configurations and Create Parts options by choosing Toolbox Configure Define User Settings, as shown in Figure 17.14. I discuss the other settings in this dialog box later in this chapter.
In the late 1990s, a new method for computation of the average BER was proposed, and shown to be very ef cient. It is based on an alternative representation of the Q-function, and allows easier averaging over different fading distributions ([Annamalai et al. 2000], [Simon and Alouini 2004]).
The Online Media menu is one of the more intriguing features of Windows Media Center. From here, you can access a range of music, videos, and other content and applications from third-party media partners including Fox Sports, MTV, and AOL. In theory, taking advantage of the fact that your PC is connected to the Internet to allow you to purchase and download content over the Web is what takes Media Center beyond being merely a glorified DVR and music player. In practice, we found these services hard to get working, not least because each one seems to have a different interface, and these interfaces are not always particularly user-friendly. While we love this idea, we would like Microsoft to impose some kind of standard user interface rules to help make the service easier to get to grips with. The different options available in the Online Media menu are as follows:
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