Figure 18-1: The Processes tab in the System Monitor tool. in Java

Writer EAN-13 Supplement 2 in Java Figure 18-1: The Processes tab in the System Monitor tool.

In this example, the first three arguments (126, 31120 and /dev/rmt/0) align with the third, fourth, and fifth options (bsf). The first two options (0 for full backup and u for requesting an update of the /etc/dumpdates file) do not require arguments. The last argument listed (/home in this example) is the file system being dumped. Options for the ufsdump command are shown in Table 2.1. You will often see a device with an n at the end of the name for example, /dev/rmt/0n. This represents the no-rewind option of the device, which is useful, for example, if you are stacking backups one after the other on a high-capacity drive. The ufsdump command can be invoked manually, but it is predominantly used in crontab files or backup scripts called by cron, as shown in the following examples:
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The use of the techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes a long way toward making your site more relevant, both to search engines and, ultimately, to users. Although SEO has been abused by some companies and individuals looking to make a quick profit, I prefer to regard SEO as a way to contribute to the usefulness of websites across the Internet.
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Success and failure are reported back Only success is reported back Only failure is reported back No report
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One of the great Mindles of decision analysis is the decision tree. I will introduce this concept with a simple example that can be done in the head, freeing the mind to more quickly absorb the mechanics of the process. Suppose you must choose between a Good Time and a Stick in the Eye. Imagine that you would pay up to $200 for the pleasure associated with the Good Time. The Stick in the Eye, on the other hand, is not very sharp and will not blind you, but to submit to it voluntarily would require a payment of at least $300, that is, it is worth $300. This situation can be displayed in a decision branch, as shown in Figure 14.1. The value displayed under the square decision node on the left is $200 because you would obviously choose the Good Time over the negative $300 associated with the Stick in the Eye. The basic idea is that, given multiple alternatives, you should pick the best one, which is displayed by the solid line. So far, this is hardly rocket science. We cross the line into decision analysis, however, when we introduce uncertainty. If you go for the Good Time, there is a chance you will Get Caught, and that s really bad. Whereas if you would put up with a Stick in the Eye for $300, you would not willingly suffer the embarrassment, humiliation, and other repercussions of getting caught, for less than $1,000. This situation is displayed in Figure 14.2. Following common convention: the uncertainty nodes are circular. This tree has no value at this point because we haven t quanti ed the uncertainty of getting caught yet.
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TextBox This control is typically used to accept text input from the user or to display text. The Textbox control inherits directly from the TextBoxBase class. Table 27-25 lists the properties, methods, and events that the Textbox class possesses that it did not inherit. Table 27-25: Non-Inherited Members of the TextBox Control Member Name (scope and type) AcceptsReturn (Public Instance Property) Description Specifies whether pressing the Enter key in a multiline text box creates a new line of text or activates the default button in the container. Specifies whether the control modifies the case of the text being typed.
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The economic buyer, in effect, writes the check. There is not a direct hierarchical corollary. Division managers and department heads are often economic buyers (as are always CEOs, CFOs, etc.), but the critical element is the ability to fund the project without further approval. My key buyer in Merck for years was a man with the title of manager of international development, and in Hewlett-Packard a woman who held the position of director of knowledge management. Many internal consultants try to avoid the economic buyer. Often
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Model: the Ruby code required to interface with data stored in a database View: the HTML and ERb code required to display the application and data on
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Controlling Display States and configurations
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Call Clearing. In the signaling systems discussed so far, calls are cleared by the calling party. Q.931 follows the procedure of data communication networks, in which calls can be cleared by either party. In Fig. 10.4-1, called user Q initiates the clearing, by ordering TE-Q to send a DISC message (k). The exchange then sends a DISC message (1) to TE-P, clears its end of the B-channel to TE-Q, and sends a RLSE message (m) to that TE. Terminal TE-Q then releases the B-channel at its end and returns a RLCOM message (o). The B-channel is now available for a new call. The B-channel between TE-P and the exchange is released in a similar RLSE-RLCOM sequence.
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FIGURE 1.3 Using a different order of features for the same part
The End Cap feature closes off an open-ended Structural Member. You can add multiple end caps without re-initiating the feature by using the push-pin icon in the PropertyManager. The PropertyManager and the end product are shown in Figure 31.12.
Note SQL Server 2005 does not support the older document type definitions (DTDs) and uses XSDs exclusively.
You can reference a directory name within the Ubuntu virtual directory using an absolute filepath. The absolute filepath defines exactly where the directory is in the virtual directory structure, starting at the root of the virtual directory. Thus, to reference the X11 directory that s in the lib directory, which in turn is in the usr directory, you would use the absolute filepath:
value from value from Mass properties none
To start working with configurations and design tables, follow these steps:
Figure 11.13 A dual-channel SCSI controller
User: Password: ************* It is possible to assign any UPN to a domain for login. In other words, you might create a domain called MCITY but prefer users to log in as so that they do not need to remember more than their e-mail addresses.
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