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The Application object exposes a significant number of static properties and methods that make controlling an application a breeze. Among the capabilities of this object is to start and stop an application as well as process Windows messages. This section details the capabilities of this object. Many tasks in application development require funky logic and potentially error-prone code. Simple tasks such as shutting down an application can cause memory leaks if not done correctly. The Application object takes care of the tedium for you. Table 30-3 provides a reference for the Application object. Table 30-3: Members of the Application Object Member Name (scope and type) AllowQuit (Public Static Property) Description Returns whether or not the Calling object can quit the application. Returns false only if being accessed via a control in a browser. barcode reader code 128
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Wireless Communications
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22 wholly owned Bell Operating Companies (BOCs) under the terms of the Modi ed Final Judgment (MFJ), also known as the Divestiture Decree. These BOCs were reorganized into seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), also known as Regional Holding Companies (RHCs), as noted in Table 14.1. Over time, the RBOCs fully absorbed the individual BOCs, creating a single legal entity with a centralized management structure. Cincinnati Bell and Southern New England Telephone (SNET) were not affected by the MFJ, as they were not wholly owned subsidiaries of AT&T. 14.4.2 BOCs Break Out of the Box
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In order to allow maximal exibility, the actual handling of these protocols has been placed outside the scope of the functional modules. Instead, protocol handlers are provided as intermediaries between the modules and their clients, each handling a speci c protocol. The introduction of the SAIL and the protocol handlers makes Sesame into a generic architecture for RDFS storage and querying, rather than just a particular implementation of such a system. Adding additional protocol handlers makes it easy to connect Sesame to different operating environments. The construction of concrete SAIL implementations is discussed in Section 5.4. Sesame s architecture has been designed with extensibility and adaptability in mind. The possibility of using other kinds of repositories has been mentioned before. Adding additional modules or protocol handlers is also possible.
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11.3 Important Modulation Formats Performance of PC-assisted, AQAM-aided Dynamic Channel Allocation
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in the logon process for clients and network services. DNS may involve one server or many servers, forming a hierarchical structure and namespace. DNS servers may take on several roles, including primary servers, secondary servers, forwarder servers, slave servers, or caching servers. There must be at least one primary server that is authoritative for a given domain. The primary server is a read-write database, and updates are performed at the host, whereas secondary servers get zone information from primary hosts. This is similar to the PDC-BDC server relationship in Windows NT where the BDC relies on the PDC for replication of the user record database. Zones are created for a given domain, and within these zones are records of each host on the network. Zones may be primary, secondary, or Active Directory integrated, the latter being the recommended method of implementation. There are eight name record types, each serving a different function within the DNS system. Of the eight types of records, the SRV record is the least ubiquitous. Active Directory depends on this record type to locate services for the client. Finally, the performance of the system is dependent on the architecture of DNS. WAN links should be considered in the overall design. Planning and testing are key to success. In the next chapter we begin discussion of the overall design and implementation of Windows 2000 domains and the components that make up these domains.
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