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One important way in which Analysis Services achieves query speed is by pre-calculating data summaries. These summaries, or aggregations, are created to correspond to the attributes of a dimension. For example, totals by year or month might be pre-calculated along the time dimension.
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Figure 27-3: Adding a reference to a SQL Server project. Other assembly components in the project space and all available system component assemblies are shown in the dialog box.
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Remember, only the administrator or computer owner can set these quotas. Keep in mind that with this privilege comes responsibility. How so It s important to be realistic when setting quotas. As the computer administrator, don t shortchange yourself on the disk quota you need some of the space you ve allotted to other accounts. Also, it s important to decide whether all accounts will have quotas or just specific ones. If all accounts are subject to disk quotas and have received a certain amount of disk space, what will you do if you need to add more accounts later You may be forced to divvy up the pie again. Disk quotas are set using the Computer window. There are two distinct ways to modify default disk quotas (and this may sound familiar): using the command line or the Windows interface. As in previous examples, the Windows interface is the easier option for most users.
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Field Experimenting with Semantic Web Tools in a Virtual Organization
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SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack
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After creating the Rails project environment, you re ready to create your application code. First, you ll need to be in the newly created application folder that was created by the rails command:
Dynamic Mirror can be used when you preselect a centerline, and Dynamic Mirror is turned on. Any new sketch entity that you draw is automatically mirrored to the other side of the centerline. Rotate Entities rotates selected sketch entities. Scale Entities scales selected sketch entities about a specified point by a specified scale ratio. This function does not scale dimensioned entities, and may remove external sketch relations to complete the task. Copy Entities can copy multiple instances of selected sketch entities. This feature functions like the Move Entities feature. Unfortunately, a combination of the Copy and Rotate features does not seem to exist. Linear Sketch Pattern creates a one- or two-directional pattern of sketch entities. You can define spacing and angles. Figure 4.20 shows the interface and the results of this function. Circular Sketch Pattern creates a circular pattern of sketch entities.
TABLE 21.1-1 VoIP Signaling Protocols Versus Network Elements GK GK MG MGC UA SG H.323, SIP NA H.323, SIP H.323, SIP NA MG NA RTPa H.248 RTPa NA MGC H.323, SIP H.248 H.323, SIP, BICC H.323, SIP SIGTRAN UA H.323, SIP RTPa H.323, SIP H.323, SIP, RTPa NA SG NA NA SIGTRAN NA SIGTRAN
Windows Live Photo Gallery utilizes the now familiar Windows 7 application style, with a simple, light-blue colored user interface and no visible menus, as shown in Figure 12-17. If you re familiar with Microsoft s now-discontinued Digital Image Suite product line, you might find that Windows Live Photo Gallery looks and works similarly to Digital Image Suite Library. That s by design: Windows Live Photo Gallery offers a compelling subset of the features from Digital Image Suite, now available free.
Bell expects that the public will use his instrument without the aid of trained operators. Any telegraph engineer will at once see the fallacy of this plan. The public simply cannot be trusted to handle technical communications equipment. Bell s instrument uses nothing but the voice, which cannot be captured in concrete form . . . we leave it to you to judge whether any sensible man would transact his affairs by such means of communications. In conclusion, the committee feels that is must advise against any investment whatever in Bell s scheme.
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