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The icon for the Recording menu is a small camera. When in Recording menu 2, the number 2 in the Recording menu tab on the top of the LCD is in an orange box.
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1. Petroleum: Petroleum is expected to earn $1,000. However, there is great uncertainty, as shown in Figure 13.4. On the downside, for example, an experimental engine that runs on seawater might reduce petroleum demand. In this case you will lose more than $5,000. On the upside, the Chinese might develop a taste for large sport utility vehicles, and you will earn $7,000. If you are comfortable with Red Words, think of this as a NORMAL DISTRIBUTION with an average of $1,000 and SIGMA of $3,000. 2. Airline stock: The second investment is airline stock. Imagine that the uncertainty here is exactly the same as that of petroleum. That is, expected earnings are $1,000 with a 95 percent chance of having between a $5,000 loss and a $7,000 gain. 3. Licorice: The final investment is in licorice, the black rubbery confection. Again expected earnings are $1,000, with a big upside (licorice is discovered to cure cancer) and a big downside (licorice is discovered to cause cancer). As with the other investments, there is 95 percent chance of having between a $5,000 loss and a $7,000 gain. For comparison, the three uncertainties are displayed in Figure 13.5. Suppose you had to put every last penny in one of these three investments. Where would you put it Hint: There is only one correct answer, and it s a trick question.
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64 96 192128 160 Reference Signal Length (hits)
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32: Creating and Using Macros . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 895
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With SQL CE, Microsoft listened as mobile developers reported incidences of corrupted databases. They realized that there was a fundamental flaw in the storage engine for SQL CE on mobile devices that feature transient power supplies and removable storage cards. As previously stated, the storage engine for SQL Everywhere is completely rewritten and was designed with the safety of your mobile data in mind. Every database write is now staged in a shadow copy area as well as being applied to the physical database itself. In this way, upon recovery from a power loss or device reset, SQL Everywhere ensures that all writes happen in the correct order and are not lost. This section covers the new options available to you as a database developer to verify and repair a SQL Everywhere database as part of a regular database maintenance plan.
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Then, with probability 2 1 - E , the statistician is shown a value z that is accurate within 6, that is, 1 - Y ( w ) i 5 6,and, with probability 5 E , he is 2 shown a value containing a gross error. The generalized gross error model, using monotone and alternating set functions of infinite order, was introduced by Strassen (1964). There was a considerable literature on set-valued stochastic processes T ( w )in the 1970s; in particular, see Harding and Kendall (1974) and Matheron (1975). In a statistical context, monotone capacities of infinite order (also called totally monotone) were used by Dempster (1967, 1968) and Shafer (1976), under the name of belief functions. The following example shows another application of such capacities [taken from Huber (1973b)l.
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If you override the feature dimensions when feature configurations already exist, then a new configuration is created in the list of feature configurations called Custom Configuration. It appears that multiple custom configurations are not allowed, and so if you have to make changes, then you must ensure that they are right before you use the library feature in a part.
Table 12.3 Comparing the ontology with an existing glossary Characteristic CARM glossary terms Glossary terms within the whole document Identical glossary terms and ontology concepts Concept terms containing one or more glossary terms Concepts within the whole document Concepts related to a glossary term Value 290 259 (89.3%) 85 253 1500 1178
Let s take a quick look at some popular sites that employ a grid layout. Newspaper sites offer great examples that demonstrate the use of grids, and The New York Times is one of the best, as shown in Figure 11.6. This is an interesting example because they use a 24-column grid, essentially halving the column width from the standard 12-column, 960-pixel-width layout. This technique clearly gives them more choices at layout time. Figure 11.6 The New York Times website, which uses a 24-column layout
Tomcat: The Apache Foundation s J2EE application server platform, which also
FIGURE 23.21
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