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Appendix A: The Practice Exam Answers
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Text -------------------------------------------CREATE PROCEDURE CategoryList AS SELECT * FROM dbo.ProductCategory
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Comparing New Features to Windows NT
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fications for UTRA or indeed for IMT-2000. It is very likely that the parameters and technologies presented in this chapter will evolve further. Readers may also want to refer to a recent book by Ojanpera and Prasad [90], which addresses W-CDMA 3G mobile radio systemsin more depth.
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Gaming on Windows Vista Ultimate
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7: Selecting Features
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CheckedChanged (Public Instance Event)
The actual steps used in the migration process using the Directory Services Migration tool are outlined next to better understand the steps involved, and in the next section, an actual hands-on using the tool is performed. 1. Install the Directory Services Migration tool (DSM). The DSM tool is not installed by default and must be installed using the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel. 2. Create a project in the DSM tool. In this step, a project is named and defined. This is helpful in doing an incremental migration where multiple projects may be defined. 3. Create a new view. Once the project has been defined, a new view is created to define the source information of the NetWare NDS tree or Bindery. Simply put, this is the target data or container that will be migrated to the Active Directory tree. This data is moved to an offline store (database) for editing. The whole tree may be moved offline and specific branches migrated. 4. Configure resources to transfer offline. The next step is to further define what data will be moved to the new tree structure in Active Directory. Items may be added, removed, deleted, and moved between containers. It is important to understand the differences between the structural components of NDS and those found in Active Directory. 5. Importing the data into Active Directory. When all relevant data has been configured for import, the next step is to migrate the data to Active Directory. An import container is chosen for the data, which may be a domain, OU, or other container such as users or groups. File or application objects are also targets for migration, and there is a special provision for moving data built in to the tools. 6. Verify the migration. Once the migration operation completes, check the data against the original on the NetWare server for verification. Test user logons and data or directory access. The migration process is straightforward and allows the operation to be performed on the data offline to provide a noninvasive method for replicating data from one system to another. While Novell s NetWare and NDS products are standards based and will work together (with some customization or with third-party tools) with the Active Directory, many IT departments have turned away from the idea of using multiple ven-
Tail Bit Attachment
Playing the games included with Windows Vista Ultimate Using other programs and utilities included with Windows Vista Ultimate
Scalar variables hold a single data value. Unlike in shell scripts, scalar variables are always preceded by a dollar sign. To place a value in a variable requires an assignment statement:
digital Centrex software for marketing to its former subsidiaries, the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), and the independent telcos. Through its Western Electric subsidiary, AT&T manufactured and sold both COs to telcos and PBXs to end users and so had all options covered. In addition to Lucent Technologies (nee Western Electric), Nortel and Siemens are notable manufacturers of Centrex COs. Although Centrex most commonly is provided by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) such as the RBOCs, it more recently has been offered by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), many of which previously were either IXCs or Competitive Access Providers (CAPs). Traditionally a North American phenomenon, Centrex recently has found market acceptance in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and much of Africa and Asia. Carriers nd Centrex attractive because it effectively competes against PBX and KTS systems offered by third parties. Lucent Technologies (5ESS) and Nortel (DMS-100) manufactured the great majority of traditional TDM-based CO Centrex systems installed in the United States. 3.3.1 Features
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