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Assign European Article Number 13 in Java Figure 14-10: The Netstat routing table output.

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maximum channel data rate of only 2 Mb/s, while the 802.11b standard supports a maximum data rate of 11 Mb/s. Subsequent versions of the standard, 802.11a and 802.11g, provide a range of data rates up to 54 Mb/s. All of the 802.11 standards operate in the ISM bands (902 to 908 MHz, 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, and 5.8 to 5.9 GHz). For more details on the evolution and parameters of the 802.11 standards, see 2. The 802.11 standard provides a general PHY- and MAC-layer speci cation that can support any connectionless applications whose transport and network layers accommodate the IEEE 802.11 MAC layer. In connectionless operation, a communication path and its bandwidth are selected dynamically for each packet of exchanged information. Today, TCP/IP is the dominant transport/network layer protocol supporting all the ubiquitous connectionless applications, such as WWW access, e-mail, FTP, and Telnet, and the IEEE 802.11 standard is structured to allow TCP/IP to operate as ef ciently over its MAC layer as it does over any wired-LAN MAC layer. The IEEE 802.11 reference architecture de nes two network topologies, (1) infrastructure network and (2) ad hoc network, illustrated in Fig. 15.10. In the infrastructure topology, wireless terminals are connected to a backbone network, typically an Ethernet LAN, which ties together various wired devices such as desktop computers, servers, and printers. Also attached to the backbone network are wireless access points (APs), each of which acts as a base station or bridge between the wireless terminals and the wired backbone. In the ad hoc topology, wireless terminals can communicate directly on a peer-to-peer basis. (See also the discussion of network topologies in 11.) In IEEE 802.11 terminology, an AP provides access to distribution services over a wireless link. The basic service area (BSA), also called a cell, is the area covered by one AP. The basic service set (BSS) is a set of wireless terminals controlled by one AP. The distribution system (DS) is the xed (wired) infrastructure used to connect a set of BSSs to create an extended service set (ESS). The IEEE 802.11 distribution services enable a wireless terminal to roam freely within an ESS and also allow an 802.11 WLAN to connect to the wired LAN infrastructure. The IEEE 802.11 standard also de nes a portal as a logical point at which non-802.11 packets enter an ESS. Figure 15.11 depicts the entities in the IEEE 802.11 protocol stack. The MAC layer is divided into the MAC sublayer and the MAC management sublayer. The MAC
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Note how simple a script this is. Yet, it agreeably updated several thousand workstations nightly. But let s get back to reality and today.
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There is also a Menu Bar Menu, which is hidden by default. The SolidWorks logo in the upper left of the SolidWorks window or the small triangle next to the logo serve as a flyout to expand the main SolidWorks menus. You can pin the menus in place using the pushpin shown at the right end of the menus in Figure 2.9. When the menu is pinned, the toolbar moves to the right to accommodate it.
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22: Samba and Print Server
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9 Click OK.
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10. Click the red X in the upper-right of the Edit Plan Settings screen to close
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