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Paint GTIN-13 in Java Figure 14-7: The Editing DSL connection window.

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A submenu appears to the left of the Tools menu. (Refer to Figure 3-35.)
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over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) through the public Internet or perhaps over a DSL circuit or a cable modem network. VPNs are inherently secure, at least as secure as communications over an inherently insecure packet data network can be at this point. Dial-up access generally is through a Remote Access Server (RAS) that is located on the premises and that is associated with a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server that performs authentication and accounting functions to ensure network security. Dial-up access generally is accomplished through the PSTN with the assistance of a modem, although Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connectivity may be supported. Access to Internet-based e-mail is a bit more complex. Such e-mail is stored in a network-based mailbox under the control of a national service provider such as AOL or CompuServe; a Web-based service such as MSN, Netscape, or Yahoo!; or a smaller ISP such as Isomedia, in my case. The larger service providers have hundreds, or even thousands, of POPs (Points Of Presence) that allow my daughter, for example, to access her Gmail from virtually anywhere in the country on the basis of a local call. The POPs are in the form of access routers and servers located variously in telco COs or third-party facilities at strategic locations across the country and, for that matter, across the world. The protocols run in such networks often are proprietary in nature. Remote access through smaller ISPs is more problematic, although based on standard protocols. Such access commonly is on the basis of a dial-up modem connection over the PSTN, which usually is in the form of long-distance calls involving toll charges if the call is placed from outside the local calling areas served directly by the local or regional ISP. Toll-free calling may be offered at an additional charge. Large numbers of local and regional ISPs have formed nationwide consortia linking the POPs in their respective local calling areas through the Internet. These networks generally use one of two access protocols:
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Pulse for signal transfer
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When you get used to the interface, you ll be ready to take advantage of a whole plethora of new features, many of which are simply there for your convenience. Tabbed browsing, print scaling, a handy search field, and more pave the way for much more user-friendly Web surfing.
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Successfully Installing Peripheral Devices
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6: Working with Vista s Free Tools
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Figure 4.1.65 Two adjacent DEPFET devices are able to transfer the signal charges from one oating gate ampli er to the neighbouring one, reading the same signal charges several times. The read noise is reduced by the square root of n, where n is the number of readings
Custom profiles
Witness/Leader Display
On the CD-ROM
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1. Locate the zipped folder you wish to decompress. 2. Double click on the zipped folder.
1. In Windows Calendar, click the New Appointment button on the main
The Sketch Text interface
27: Working with Surfaces
Each person performing the experiment starts the test by a login procedure. The user s name and which company or organization the user belongs to is registered. By using login it will also be possible to see when and from where the user entered the EnerSearch web. We will be able to measure the time period the different users will spend on answering each question in the experiment. After each question the users are asked to explain how they received the information for answering the question. By collecting the information and comparing the user s answers to a question it will be possible to evaluate the different ontology-based semantic tools. It is also important to evaluate the level of appreciation for the different tools. The questions to evaluate this would be for example: Were you able to complete search tasks in less time using the ontology-based tools than with a standard free text search tool Was it easy to use the ontology-based tool Did you understand the interface Were the answers correct Was the answer relevant to your search question To be able to answer the questions in a reasonable time, the case study needs to be limited to a certain number of questions for each ontology-based tool. The case study is therefore restricted to a limited number of questions, in order to avoid user defection due to lack of time to complete the experiment. To avoid defection we have also made it possible for the users to log in at any time to complete the questionnaire. It clearly follows that Semantic Web tool tests require a very careful experiment design. Prospective test user groups and test tasks must be carefully balanced to allow for adequate empirical-statistical testing of hypotheses that must be explicitly formulated in advance. Empirical data gathering in such an experiment must be rich, including various qualitative methods (such as pre- and post-trial semi-open interviews, collecting verbal protocols during the experiment, onsite observation), as well as quantitative methods (e.g. Likert-scale questionnaires, electronic logging of actions and execution times, and statistical processing of resulting data).
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