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For a real-life example, suppose all employees will soon be granted a generous across-the-board raise (OK, so it s not a real-life example) based on department, time in the position, performance rating, and time with the company. If the percentage for each department is stored in the Department table, SQL can adjust the salary for every employee with a single update statement by joining the Employee table with the Department table and pulling the Department raise factor from the joined table. Assume the formula is as follows:
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Set the nameserver entry in the resolv.conf file to point to the localhost. Set the named configuration to point to a common remote DNS server.
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Gauge Tables are a legacy table type, which is simply an Excel spreadsheet. In SolidWorks 2009, the data from gauge tables was consolidated with data from bend tables. However, you can still use the legacy gauge tables. The point of consolidating gauge and bend tables is so that you don t need a separate gauge table for each K-Factor (or bend allowance or bend deduction).
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Figure 5.22: Probability of low quality access versus mean carried traffic of a CDMA based cellular network using relative received pilot powerbased soft handover thresholds in conjunction with 1 Hz shadowing and a standard deviation 3 dB for SF=16. of
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