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Before you leave this chapter, it would be worthwhile to talk about the ways you can find out more about programming in Ruby. The language comes with built-in documentation, and there are some online resources that can also help you out. For the quickest way to find the definition for a method, Ruby comes with a documentation system called ri. You simply invoke it on the command line, along with the name of the class you want to learn more about:
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It exited without any sign of an error. It failed to display a dialog box of any sort; Windows Vista s error reporting didn t even show up. It simply dumped to the desktop. I rebooted, just in case. To get Hitman to work (see Figure 25.8), I simply set its compatibility mode to Windows XP using the steps outlined earlier in this chapter. The game ran fine after that, with a complete lack of any visual glitches. Performance was comparable to that of running it on Windows XP.
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composition The answer is through the creation of a forest, which allows two Active Directory Trees to exist as a connected formation. Unifying two directories such as this has the technical effect of marrying the schema and GC services of the two directories, though the namespaces remain unique. A Master Schema Server located in the root domain of the tree facilitates searching across forests (see Figure 13.2) for objects. It should be noted that, while objects may be searched across trees in a forest, this is limited to the scope of attributes defined in the GC. The connection mechanism used in inter-tree trusts and intra-tree communication and authentication is different. While within a tree, transitive trusts are formed upon creation of domain objects, between
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In Figure 43.2, I have outlined a paper airplane model of a bank with exposure to both direct real estate investments and home loans to demonstrate the scenario library approach. Banks are already quite good at modeling the response of individual business units to underlying market conditions. Figure 43.2 contains a highly simpli ed representation of the response of two banking divisions to the value of the housing market, which I have modeled as the roll of a die. Too simplistic to be of use, you say Well, at least it allows the housing market to get better or worse, which is more than some models I have heard of. Note that, although the divisions do not react identically to market conditions, they do move in the same direction, which imposes a hidden risk. Suppose the CEO asks each division to do its own risk analysis. Using the table in Figure 43.2, it is easy to calculate that Division 1 has two chances in six of losing money, whereas Division 2 has only one chance in six of losing money. If you ignore the interrelationships, you would calculate the chance that both divisions lose money at the same time as 2/6 1/6 2/36 1/18. But this grossly underestimates the risk, as we shall see. Here is how Probability Management would have properly consolidated the two risk models.
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Windows Live Calendar can import only calendars that are formatted in industry-standard ICS (iCalendar) format. This format is supported by applications such as Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, and Microsoft Outlook (2007 or newer). Follow these steps to import an ICS calendar file into Windows Live Calendar: 1. Click the Subscribe link to display the Import or subscribe to a calendar page. 2. Select Import from an ICS file. 3. You can now import this file into another compatible calendar application. The display will change to accommodate options related to importing, as shown in Figure 22-26.
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50 Query Analysis and Index Tuning
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Front lighting. Front lighting is
Figure 6.24. Cosine-modulated filter bank with critical subsampling implementation structure. (a) analysis; (b) synthesis.
DBCC ShrinkDatabase ( OBXKites , 10);
133. H. L. Stadler, "Ferroelectric Switching Time of BaTiO 3 Crystals at High Voltages," J. Apple. Phys. 29, 1485 (1958). 134. T. Mihara et al., "Process Dependent Electrical Characterization and Equivalent Circuit Model of Sol-gel based PZT Capacitors," Int. Ferroelectrics, 1, 269 (1992). 135. G. W. Taylor, "Electrical Properties o1 Niobium-Doped Ferroelectric Pb(Zr, Sr, Ti)0 3 Ceramics," J. Apple. Phys. 38, 4697 (1967). 136. W. C. Stewart and L. S. Cosentino. Ferroelectrics1, 149 (1970). 137. D. B. Fraser and J. R. Maldonado, "Improved Aging and Switching of Lead ZirconateLead Titanate Ceramics with Indium Electrodes," J. Apple. Phys. 41, 2172 (1970). 138. W. R. Salaneck, Ferroelectrics4, 97 (1)72). 139. J. R. Anderson et al., "Effects of Ambient Atmosphere on the Stability of Barium Titanate," J. Apple. Phys. 26, 1387--138:3 (1955). 140. T. D. Hadnagy et al., "The Use of Voltage to Accelerate the Endurance Degradation of PZT Capacitors," Int. Ferroelectrics16, 219 (1997). 141. R. Dat et al., "Imprint Testing of Ferroelectric Capacitors Used for Non-volatile Memories," Intl. Ferroelectrics5, 275 (1997). 142. M. Shimizu et al., "Effects of La and Nb Modification on the Electrical Properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)0 3 Thin Films by MOCVD," Intl. Ferroelectrics14, 69 (1997). 143. J. F. Scott et al., "Radiation Effects on Ferroelectirc Thin-Film Memories: Retention Failure Mechanisms," J. Apple. Phys. 66, 1444 (1989). 144. S. S. Eaton et al., "A Ferroelectric Nonvolatile Memory," ISSCC Digest Tech. Papers, 1988, p. 130. 145. H. Koike et al., "A 60-n 1-Mb Nonvolatile Ferroelectric Memory with a Nondriven Cell Plate Line Write-Read Scheme," IEET J. Solid-State Circ. JSSC-31, 1625 (1996). 146. S. Onishi et al, "A Half-Micron Ferroelectric Memory Cell Technology with Stacked Capacitor Structure," IEDM Tech. Digest, 1994, p. 843. 147. S. L. Miller and P. J. McWhorter, "Piysics of the Ferroelectric Nonvolatile Memory Field Effect Transistor," J. Apple. Phy::. 72, 5999 (1992). 148. T. A. Rabson et al., "Ferroelectric Gate Transistors," Int. Ferroelectrics 6, 15 (1995).
bandwidth, error performance, distance, and resiliency. There are wireless alternatives, although they generally have failed in practice or remain either in development or eld trial at the moment. 9.1.1 Generic Digital Subscriber Line
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