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The above sections have discussed a continuous model for the angular spectra. For a computer implementation, we usually need a discretized version. One way of implementing a Directional Channel Model (DCM) is a generalized tapped delay line. In this approach, the DDDPS is discretized, according to the same principles as described in Section 6.4. An alternative is the so-called Geometry-based Stochastic Channel Model (GSCM). In this approach, it is not the strength and direction of the MPCs that is modeled stochastically but rather the location of IOs and the strength of the interaction processes (see Figure 7.4). Additionally, it is assumed that only single interaction processes can occur. The directionally resolved impulse response is then obtained in two steps: 1. Assign locations to the IOs, according to the pdf of their position. 2. Based on the assumption of single interaction only, determine the contributions of the IOs to the double-directional impulse response. Each MPC (corresponding to one IO) has a unique DOA, DOD, amplitude delay, and phase shift. The simplest model is based on the assumption that all relevant IOs are close to the MS. This case occurs, e.g., in macrocells with regular building structures like suburban environments. In this
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on a desktop PC) for higher speeds. Beyond desktop computers, a number of peripherals (digital video recorders, gaming platforms, printers just about anything) can be made wireless.
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See reference earlier in this appendix for wp_authors_dropdown().
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Figure 13.7. (a) Schematic illustration of the dry transfer of CVD-grown single-walled carbon nanotubes onto plastic substrates. (b) (e) Scanning electron micrographs of SWNT arrays transferred to plastic substrates, with repetitive transfer for crossed arrays.
Wireless Communications
Substitution with Bipolar Violation +3 V 0 -3 V Carrier Signal
Fleming, D.E., Boulay, D., Richard, N.S., Robin, J.P., Gordon, C.L., Webber, C.E. and Chettle, D.R. Accumulated body burden and endogenous release of lead in employees of a lead smelter. Environ. Health Perspect. 1997;105:224 33. Fleming, D.E., Chettle, D.R., Webber, C.E. and O Flaherty, E.J. The O Flaherty model of lead kinetics: an evaluation using data from a lead smelter population. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 1999;161: 100 9. Forsell, M., Larsson, B., Ljungqvist, A., Carlmark, B. and Johansson, O. Mercury content in amalgam tattoos of human oral mucosa and its relation to local tissue reactions. Eur. J. Oral. Sci. 1998;106:582 7. Friis, L., Petersson, L. and Edling, C. Reduced cadmium levels in human kidney cortex in Sweden. Environ. Health Perspect. 1998;106:175 8. Gardner, R.P., Lee, S.H. and Todd, A.C. Error analysis and design of the XRF measurement of in vivo lead in the tibia with the Monte Carlo code CEARXRF. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry EDXRS-98 (Fernandez, J.E. and Tartari, A., eds), Editrice Compositori, Bologna, 1999a, pp. 203 16. Gardner, R.P., Todd, A.C. and Lee, S.H. A combined K and L XRF method for in vivo bone lead measurement. Abstract at 4th topical meeting on industrial radiation and radioisotope measurement applications (IRRMA), Raleigh, NC, USA, 1999b. Garman, E. Leaving no element of doubt: analysis of proteins using microPIXE. Structure Fold Des. 1999;7:R291 9. Gordon, C.L., Chettle, D.R. and Webber, C.E. An upgraded 109 Cd K X-ray uorescence bone lead measurement. In Human Body Composition. in vivo Methods, Models, and Assessment (Ellis, K.J. and Eastman, J., eds), Plenum Publishing, New York, 1993, pp. 285 8. Gr nberg, T., Sj berg, S., Alm n, T., Golman, K. and Mattso o e son, S. Noninvasive estimation of kidney function by X-ray uorescence analysis: elimination rate and clearance of contrast media injected for urography in man. Invest. Radiol. 1983;18:445 52. Gulson, B.L., Pounds, J.G., Mushak, P., Thomas, B.J., Gray, B. and Korsch, M.J. Estimation of cumulative lead releases (lead ux) from the maternal skeleton during pregnancy and lactation. J. Lab. Clin. Med. 1999;134:631 40. Heckel, J. Using Barkla polarised X-ray radiation in energy dispersive X-ray uorescence analysis (EDXRF). J. Trace Microprobe Tech. 1995;13: 97 108. Hellstr m, L., Elinder, C.G., Dahlberg, B., Lundberg, M., o J rup, L., Persson, B. and Axelson, O. Cadmium exposure a and end-stage renal disease. Am. J. Kidney Dis. 2001;38: 1001 8. Hernandez-Avila, M., Smith, D., Meneses, F., Sanin, L.H. and Hu, H. The in uence of bone and blood lead on plasma lead levels in environmentally exposed adults. Environ. Health Perspect. 1998;106:473 7. Hoffer, P.B., Jones, W.B., Crawford, R.B., Beck, R. and Gottschalk, A. Fluorescent thyroid scanning: a new method of imaging the thyroid. Radiology 1968;90: 342 4.
demonstrate the advantages of FM. He programmed fine classical music all day long, quiet, no static, I loved to listen to his station from Princeton. The broadcasting industry of the time, having struggles of its own, continued to ignore Armstrong s last breakthrough and in misery over the rejection he received for his efforts, he jumped from his hotel room in 1956. In 1947 William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain at the Bell Labs invented the transistor but it was not until the 1960s that transistors were ready to be designed into commercial equipment. There was, therefore, a 50 year period between the first appearance of vacuum tube amplifiers and the tiny, reliable and low-cost transistors and microchips that so greatly expedite the construction of complex electronic systems. As we think back on it, what was it about vacuum tubes that makes it so easy for us to wipe them out of our minds and overcome any impulse to make any further use of them As important as those Fleming diodes and de Forest audions were at the time of their invention, opening the way as they did to the world of electronics, they had certain inherent limitations and obnoxious features that we engineers always had to live with and try to work around. Here are some of the most evident: Delicate, bulky, heavy, low-current devices Required substantial power to heat the source of charge carriers Only negative charge carriers (electrons) were available, making more convenient bipolar circuits impossible Required uncomfortably high circuit voltages 150 volts or more, versus 12 volts or less for transistors Interelectrode capacitance and long lead wires limited useful operating frequency range (system bandwidth) Heavy power consumption created heat ventilation problems and added to circuit noise Despite all of the shortcomings of vacuum tubes, we engineers had no alternative but to carry out the design of the original television system using them. It is something of a miracle that a TV system like ours, conceived and executed in the vacuum tube and slide rule era would turn out to be flexible enough to grow without interruption and withstand the enormous modification necessary to bring about today s colorful system, which has already served us for half a century.
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