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metallic area can be added to the ground surface. Under the coplanar waveguide design, the width of input or output runners is usually narrower than that corresponding to a micro strip line with 50 of characteristic impedance, Wo. Also, the spacing between the runner and the adjacent ground edge is much narrower than 3Wo. However, the width of the runner needs to be expanded in the non-coplanar-waveguide area so that it can keep the characteristic impedance at 50 . Addition of a zero capacitors With the exception of the above effort for RF grounding, zero capacitors must be added between the Vdd or Vcc terminals and the adjacent ground area because the Vdd or Vcc terminal must be AC/RF ground as well. The ground potential is supposed to be the same for all operating frequencies. Should the circuit be involved in more than one operating frequency, such as the RF, LO, and IF frequencies, more than one zero capacitor must be added accordingly. When testing the RFIC die, the zero capacitors should be put as near the IC die as possible. Other considerations In addition to RF grounding, there are some other considerations for the improvement of a test PCB, such as having gold plating for the terminal runners, or adding resistive material on both top and bottom sides so as to protect the PCB from damage. However, these are beyond our topics of this section.
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These lines indicate that we want to start the httpd process late in the sequence of processes that start when we enter run state 3. Further, we want to kill the process when we enter run state 2.
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Canonical Name record (CNAME). Simply put, a CNAME record (see Figure 5.14) defines an alias for a host or host name. An alias is another name that the host is known as. CNAME records are beneficial when the host has an abstract name, a long name, or a nondescript name, and a friendly name needs to be used. Say, for example, a mail server was named A CNAME record may be generated so that the friendly name houmail33 or mail33 is used in place of the more abstract name. The resulting IP address is
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can also be a hostname if you want to redirect mail for a particular host in your network. preference: An integer signifying the order in which remote servers should try connecting if multiple mail servers are specified, with 0 being the highest preference (the preference decreases as the number increases). This parameter is used to create primary and secondary mail servers for a zone. When a remote mail server queries the DNS server for a mail server responsible for the zone, the entire list of servers and preferences is sent. The remote mail server should attempt to connect to the highest-priority mail server listed and, if that fails, continue down the list by preference. host: The hostname of the mail server. There should also be an associated A record to identify the IP address of the mail server. Most larger domains have more than one mail server that can accept mail for the domain. It s common to see multiple mail servers with the same preference value. When that happens, the sending mail server can send to any mail server in the list with the same preference value.
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3. Set the interface to use an ANSI inch, one-quarter-inch, counterbored hole for a socket head cap screw. Use Through All for the End Condition, and a Normal fit, with a .100inch head clearance (in the Options panel), and no custom sizing changes. These settings are shown in Figure 17.4.
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Position the mouse pointer ( ) over the button and a ScreenTip describing the button appears. You see an enhanced ScreenTip that lists the button name, any available shortcut key, and a brief description of the button. By default, ScreenTip features are enabled, but can be turned off in the PowerPoint Options dialog box (described in 2).
Reproduced from [UMTS 1999] 1999. 3GPP TSs and TRs are the property of ARIB, ATIS, ETSI, CCSA, TTA, and TTC who jointly own the copyright in them. They are subject to further modi cations and are therefore provided as is for information purposes only. Further use strictly prohibited.
The status bar in Nautilus Browser mode, located at the bottom of the window, provides information about the files in the folder being viewed. The status bar displays the number of files and folders in the current folder, along with the amount of disk space remaining on the system.
Figure 16-33: Inside of a Games for Windows - LIVE title is a useful Dashboard that works very much like its Xbox 360 relation.
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Share your calendar with friends and family: Here, you can choose to share your
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Setting up a connection or a network
Using ReadyBoost
pixel sensor (APS) DEPFET detector. The concept, functional principles, measured and expected properties will be described in detail. All experimental results shown here are from devices which have been designed, fabricated and tested at the MPI semiconductor laboratory.
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