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The default Ubuntu desktop workspace is empty, with no icons. Some people prefer a clean desktop, while others like the convenience of having a place to quickly access files and launch applications. You can easily add icons for files, folders, and application launchers (shortcuts) to your desktop workspace. Right-clicking on an empty place in the workspace produces a menu that provides a few different desktop options, shown in Table 4-5.
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Reducing File Sizes
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Solve Equation(4.29) for 4i, given yi using numerical methods.
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where ==n + o,= qjinn + qjipp is the conductivity, EF the Fermi energy, and P a, the thermoelectric power. The current density and thermoelectric power can be split into an electron and hole part, resulting in
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<meta name= description content= Sign up to share your music collection! Tell us about your unique taste in music, and discover new artists and songs. />
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Dual Data Rate (DDR) memory works by taking SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory; see 2 s section of the same name) and doubling the number of data transfers that can take place in a single transfer cycle. DDR is fast enough that it s showing up as primary computer memory in really fast machines, and it s definitely fast enough to work as video memory. Many high-end video adapters, such as the ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon, use DDR.
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8. Wavelet Transform
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be done in the same mode, and care should be taken that the message is well protected against errors during transmission. Implicit transmission: implicit transmission is possible when the transmitter gets its channelstate information from the receiver via feedback. In such a case, the receiver knows exactly what channel-state information is available to the transmitter, and thus the basis on which the decision for a transmission mode is being made. Thus, the receiver just needs to know the decision rule on which the transmitter bases its choice of transmission mode. If the receiver feeds back the mode that the transmitter should use, the situation is even simpler. The drawback to this method is that errors in channel-state feedback (from the receiver to the transmitter) not only lead to a wrong choice of transmission mode (which is bad, but usually not fatal) but also to detection and decoding using the wrong code, which leads to very high error rates. Blind detection: from the received signal, the receiver can try to determine the signal constellation. This can be achieved by considering different statistical properties of the received signal, including the PAR, autocorrelation functions, and higher order statistics of the signal.
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