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TABLE 27.2
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Revision control
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Part IV
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How much downtime and manual intervention you are willing to accept will determine how much functionality you need to implement into your HA solution. If you can accept a manual failover, you can simply write a script to import the drives and disk groups, configure the interface, and start the application. Procedures can then be written for operators to run these scripts as required. Figures 14.3 and 14.4 show a user oblivious to a failover that moves his access from one server to another. Do you need this level of seamlessness or can failovers be allowed to cause brief interruptions in service
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SIGTRAN is a suite of protocols for transporting SCN signaling messages (common channel) inside an IP network. The protocols are issued by the IETF [18]. The typical use of SIGTRAN is between a signaling gateway and a media gateway controller, or between a SG and an IP-based application server that hosts a centralized database such as a SCP. The components of a SIGTRAN network (SGs, MGCs, and ASs) are called IP signaling points (IPSPs), since SIGTRAN uses the IP protocol at Layer 3. An IP entity that processes SCN signaling messages is called an application server process (ASP). MGCs and centralized databases (called applications servers in 20) are examples of ASPs. A set of redundant ASPs working in activebackup mode is called an application server (AS) in SIGTRAN RFCs, but in the rest of the chapter we will use the term as de ned in 20. Straightforward transport of SCN signaling from the SCN-to-IP boundary (such as a SG) to its processing point in the IP network is called backhauling. With backhauling the signaling entities in two IPSPs communicating via SIGTRAN are not aware they are running in two separate nodes. Three basic network con gurations are supported by SIGTRAN (Fig. 21.5-1): the rst (a) is backhauling of SCN signaling messages between a SG and the ASP that processes them (MGC/AS); the second (b) is transport of SCN signaling messages between two signaling gateways, when SCN signaling transits through the IP network but is originated and terminated in the SCN; the third (c) is when SIGTRAN signaling is used between IP entities, with no connection to the SCN.
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A forward map file (also referred to as a zone file). is used to resolve addresses for machine names in the given zone. The @ sign signifies the start of the definition for the zone. All records will contain IN, denoting an Internet record. Other types of records exist. However, they are rarely, if ever, used. The following listing shows an example forward map file:
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The second iterative solution uses a high-performance firehose T-SQL cursor. Otherwise, it s essentially the same as the SQL-92 solution:
Cos2 ( )
Figure 5.3.22 The LeadStar instrument by Warrington for lead analysis. (With permission of Warrington Inc.)
Discovering Design Intent
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Programming CLR Assemblies within SQL Server
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