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Setting separator pages, or banners if you prefer NetWare terminology, can be tedious work, but in very busy printing environments producing substantial documents, they are essential. Separator pages separate jobs. They also can be used to provide information about jobs and can print at the beginning of each print job, in front of the rst page. They don t affect printing order of the jobs or pagination. Consider the following key reasons for using separator pages: Tracking down job owners. We had several high-end printers to which many people printed every day. At the end of each day, hundreds of documents were forgotten by their owners. At the end of the week, a huge pile of uncollected documents was getting thrown out (Web pages, white papers, press releases, e-mail, and so on). The situation got worse by the day, and it didn t take long to recognize the waste of time and materials. The situation called for separator pages, to enable a printer administrator to collect the jobs, identify the owners, and threaten them with disciplinary action if they did not collect their output. Habitual offenders were told they needed to clean up their act or they would lose their printing privileges. Separating the print jobs in long runs. If your printer is receiving large volumes of print runs, or continuous reports, the only way to pull complete jobs from the run or sort them easily is with separator pages. We have several printers that typically print reports on a round-the-clock basis, and all the jobs are separated by separator pages. Organizing chaos at high-traf c printers. After printing, many job owners dash off to the printer and wait for the paper to slide out of the hopper. If the printer is busy printing, eager beavers grab every freshly printed page, collecting pages and even whole jobs before other users can get to them. Meanwhile, uncollected jobs are stored in the pickup tray, and if separator pages don t exist, it doesn t take long to create job mayhem. Job information. Separator pages can be used with sophisticated printers to print job information, such as the owner, the language used (if the printer supports language changing on the y), and so on. Windows Server 2008 provides four types of separator page les, stored in the systemroot
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Figure 7-54: The Network and Sharing Center window.
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The sweep profile follows the path.
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They support different video formats: Although there s some overlap both
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To turn off this feature, right-click the taskbar and choose Properties from the pop-up menu that appears. Then clear the Group Similar Taskbar check box. Each individual file now has its own Windows tab.
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This map was generated with a Ruby utility called RailRoad (http://railroad.rubyforge.org); when the script is run in your Rails directory, it generates a diagram of your models, as you can see in Figure 17.9. The script isn t perfect, but the generated file is actually a text configuration that can be revised before using the open-source Graphviz utility (www.graphviz.org) to convert it to a PNG or PDF file. One of the values of this project is in the variety of relationships between the models. In the last sample project, you only used the most-common relationship: the one-to-many. Here, you re taking advantage of the other two types: the one-to-one and the many-to-many. I ll explain them as you come across them. First, you ll need to use Rails generate script to create your models. I ll just include the commands in Terminal, omitting the output:
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The first wizard window that appears is the System Mail Name window, shown in Figure 23-8.
When dealing with XML data, one option is to decompose the data and store it in relational tables. Toward that end, SQL Server 2005 enables you to create and read XML data from within a select statement.
[ 131 L. Hanzo, W. T. Webb,and T. Keller, Single- and Multi-Carrier Quadrature Amplitude
Channel Sounding
Because Microsoft s previous version of DNS lacked the features of other third-party DNS solutions or Unix-based implementations, many companies are heavily leveraged in these third-party solutions. Use of these products is permissible with Windows 2000, and integrating them with Active Directory is possible. In order to accomplish this, you must identify the server that is authoritative for the root domain. Once this is done, review the documentation to see if the server
7. R. B. Robrock, The Intelligent Network Evolution in the United States, Conference Proceedings, Singapore ICCS 90, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1990. 8. W. C. Y. Lee, Mobile Cellular Telecommunications, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1995. 9. P. K. Verma, ed., ISDN Systems, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1990. 10. T. B. Bell, Telecommunications, IEEE Spectrum, 29, No. 2, 1992. 11. A. K. Reilly, A U.S. Perspective on Standards Development, IEEE Commun. Mag., 32, No. 4, Jan. 1994. 12. Notes on the Network, AT&T, New York, 1980. 13. T. Irmer, Shaping Future Telecommunications: The Challenge of Global Standardization, IEEE Commun. Mag., 32, No. 4, Jan. 1994. 14. J. J. Jacquier, ETSI-European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Technische Mitteilungen PTT, Switzerland, July 1990. 15. G. Robin, The European Perspective for Telecommunication Standards, IEEE Commun. Mag., 32, No. 4, Jan. 1994.
The colors assigned to layers in data coming from AutoCAD are often based on a black background, and so they can be difficult to see on a white background. The two ways of dealing with this are to change the SolidWorks drawing sheet color to something dark or to change the individual layer colors to something dark. Either method is easy, although if you have to send the 2D data back to its source, it may be best to temporarily change the drawing sheet color. Figure 25.1 shows the layer interface with an imported drawing in the background. To open the Layers dialog box, click the Layer Properties button, which is found on both the Layer and Line Format toolbars. Be aware that many items in an imported drawing may come into SolidWorks as blocks. These items may need to be exploded before you can work with them. This is often the case with the drawing border, title block, or format.
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