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Part IV
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physical view can be seen in the context of the circuit schematic view shown in Figure 8.31. Comparison of these figures with Figures 8.20 and 8.21 for the SVG cell shows that the schematic diagrams and the views along the channel are the same for the two arrays if the erase gate is ignored for the TPVG approach. Indeed, these two approaches operate in the same manner in the read and program modes. The difference is in the erase mode in which the erase gate of the TPVG approach is biased to a high voltage with all other nodes grounded to cause electrons to tunnel from the edge of the floating gate to the erase gate in the same way as the FETIF approach. Because the TPVG approach is intended for mass storage applications, there is no attempt to provide small block erase as the FETIF approach does. Although it is not important from a device physics point of view, the TPVG approach has adopted some circuit design features to further optimize it for mass storage applications. These are described in the references.
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therefore, NR (rmin ) = r2 rmin 2 max exp min 2 0 2 0 (5.53)
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5.5 Future Work
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Playback tab.
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more than a socket wrench without the wrench. You can sometimes use a nut driver to remove a screw that you can t get a good grip on with a screwdriver, for example because the slot has been stripped.
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Active Directory Installation and Deployment
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ABC Auto Rental ABC Auto Rental
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Unboxing Your Windows Phone
At the end of toolbar menu, you can click to view tool icons that don t fit in the current window. The Junk and Not Junk buttons are described in more detail in the Mail Filtering section later in this chapter.
Prediction is perhaps one of the most powerful and effective means of reducing redundancy in a video signal. This section brie y introduces two commonly used approaches. Intraprediction refers to the prediction of data from data within the same picture, while interprediction or motioncompensated prediction refers to temporal predictions that utilize data from neighboring pictures.
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Part V Business Intelligence
We simplify the notation here by writing the numerator as nB. Strictly speaking, it is 8000* oor(nsamp B/8000).
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