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MsgBox ("December") Case Else MsgBox ("Incorrect number") End Select In this example, the value of the variable Month is evaluated and is then compared with the values mentioned with the various Case statements. In this case, none of the values match and a message box informing that an incorrect number was entered is displayed. Consider the sales and invoicing application again. In this application, it is practically impossible to write Case statements for each and every value of quantity ordered. In such a situation, you can specify a conditional expression in the Case statement instead of specifying a value. You use the Is keyword to specify this conditional expression. For example: Select Case QtyOrdered Case Is <=10 Discount = 10 Case Is <=15 Discount = 15 Case Is <=20 Discount = 20 Case Is <=25 Discount = 25 Case Is >25 Discount = 30 Case Else MsgBox ("Incorrect Quantity Entered") End Select In this example, the value of QtyOrdered is evaluated and is checked against each Case. If QtyOrdered is less than or equal to 10, the Discount is set to 10. You can specify ranges in each of the Case statements given. To do so, you use the To keyword. For example: Select Case QtyOrdered Case 1 To 10 Discount = 10 Case 11 To 15 Discount = 15 Case 16 To 20 Discount = 20 Case 21 To 25 Discount = 25 Case Is >30 Discount = 30 Case Else MsgBox ("Incorrect Quantity Entered") End Select
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T. Barge, and F. Metral, "Physical Phenomena Involved in the Smart-Cut Process," in P. L. F. Hemment, S. Cristoloveanu, K. Izumi, T. Houston, and S. Wilson, eds., Siliconon-Insulator Technology and Devices VII, Proc. Electrochemical Society, Vol. 96-3, 1996, p. 34. B. Aspar, M. Bruel, H. Moriceau, C. Maleville, T. Poumeyrol, A. M. Papon, A. Claverie, G. Benassayag, A. J. Auberton-Herv6, and T. Barge, "Basic Mechanisms Involved in the Smart-Cut Process," Microelectro. Eng. 36, 233 (1997). B. Aspar, M. Bruel, M. Zussy, and A. M. Cartier, "Transfer of Structured and Patterned Thin Silicon Films Using the Smart-Cut Process," Electron. Lett. 32, 1985 (1996). A. J. Auberton-Herv6, J. M. Lamure, T. Barge, M. Bruel, B. Aspar, and J. L. Pelloie, "SOI Materials for ULSI Applications," Semiconduct. Int. 97, (Oct. 1995). See, for example, S. M. Sze, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, 2nd ed., Wiley, New York, 1981. H. K. Lim and J. G. Fossum, "Threshold Voltage of Thin-Film Silicon-on-Insulator SOI MOSFETs," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices 30, 1244 (1983). J. P. Colinge, "Conduction Mechanisms in Thin-Film, Accumulation-Mode p-Channel SOI MOSFETs," IEEE Trans. Electron Devices 37, 718 (1990). A. S. Grove, Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices, Wiley, New York, 1967, p. 326. F. Silveira, D. Flandre, and P. G. A. Jespers, "A gm/ID Based Methodology for the Design of CMOS Analog Circuits and Its Application to the Synthesis of a Silicon-onInsulator Micropower OTA," IEEE J. Solid-State Circ. 31(9), 1314 (1996). E. A. Vittoz, "Low-Power Designs: Ways to Approach the Limits," Tech. Digest Papers of ISSCC, Jan. 1994, p. 14. D. Flandre, L. F. Ferreira, P. G. A. Jespers, and J. P. Colinge, "Modelling and Application of Fully Depleted SOI MOSFETs for Low Voltage, Low Power Analogue CMOS Circuits," Solid-State Electron. 39(4), 455 (1996). S. M. Sze, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Wiley, New York, 1981, p. 446. R. Gillon, J. P Raskin, D. Vanhoenacker, and J. P. Colinge, "Modelling and Optimising the SOI MOSFET in View of MMIC Applications," Proc. Eur Microwave Conf Bologna, Italy, 1995, p. 543. A. L. Caviglia, R. C. Potter, and L. J. West, "Microwave Performances of SOI n-MOSFETs and Coplanar Waveguides," IEEE Electron Device Lett. 12, 26 (1991). A. K. Agarwal, M. C. Driver, M. H. Hanes, H. M. Hobgood, P G. McMullin, H. C. Nathanson, T. W. O'Keefe, T. J. Smith, J. R. Szedon, and R. N. Thomas, "MICROXTM-An Advanced Silicon Technology for Microwave Circuits up to X-Band," Tech. Digest IEDM, Dec. 1991, p. 687. M. H. Hanes, A. K. Agarwal, T. W. O'Keefe, H. M. Hobgood, J. R. Szedon, T. J. Smith, R. R. Siergiej, P. G. McMullin, H. C. Nathanson, M. C. Driver, and N. R. Thomas, "MICROXTM--An All-silicon Technology for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits," IEEE Electron Device Lett. 14, 219 (1993). J. P. Colinge, J. Chen, D. Flandre, J. P. Raskin, R. Gillon, and D. Vanhoenaecker, "A Low-Voltage, Low-Power Microwave SOI MOSFET," Proc.IEEE Int. SOI Conf Oct. 1996, p. 128.
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Using Hole Wizard and Toolbox
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where 2 is unitary. For the fast LOT, 2 is chosen to contain only three plane rotations, which help to improve the performance, but do not significantly increase the complexity. The matrix Q(o)already has a fast implementation based on the fast DCT. See Figure 6.30 for an illustration of the fast LOT. The angles proposed by Malvar are O1 = 0 . 1 3 ~ ~= 0 . 1 6 ~ ~ O3 = 0 . 1 3 ~ . O2 and
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Windows 7 for the Enterprise
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Update Commit
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QoS Provisioning for 802.11 Home Wireless Networks
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con gured as needed, click Export in the Event to Trap Translator. Windows Server 2008 prompts you for a lename. Save the le in an appropriate archive location or where you can access it from the other workstations. The le automatically receives a .cnf le extension. Use the evntcmd command to load the Events list into the system. For example, the following command will load the le events.cnf from a network share into the local computer:
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For best practice, you should avoid in-context relations between parts when relative motion is allowed between these parts. n
Start by writing the HTML for this example:
I Back gate oxide
Zone plate
The result is the same as the crosstab results in previous examples, but if there were additional regions, they would appear as new columns in the crosstab query.
n Length increments: Whenever you click one of the spin arrows on a dimension or number setting, it increments by this value. The exceptions are features such as the tolerance for Fit Splines, where the increment values are determined by the scale of the geometry.
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