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which essentially function as Application Service Providers (ASPs), generally prefer hosted PBX or virtual PBX, although the terms have fallen out of favor in the last few years. Much like traditional Centrex, the user organization avoids all the risks and costs of ownership of the main body of the system, although at the expense of control. Notably, however, some IP Centrex service providers provide a Web portal that allows end-user system administrators to perform MACs and allows individual users to access their own call logs and con gure many preferences and options. Much like an IPBX, the user organization realizes advantages such as shared infrastructure, voice/data integration, uni ed messaging, presence, portability and mobility, and remote access, although there are concerns of reliability, technical support, QoS, and security surface. As IP Centrex is a server-based telephony platform, feature content is on parity with that of IPBXs, which is quite a departure from the considerable disparity in feature content between conventional Centrex and PBX systems [31, 32]. The physical positioning of the main body of the system, including call control, application software, and associated databases, depends on the service provider. An ILEC is likely to place the IP Centrex at the edge of the network, where it may be in the form of an IP-enabled CO or perhaps a true carrier-class hybrid TDM/IP platform, with a broadband local loop such as a DSL circuit or a T1 or E1 providing the connection to the network edge. An ASP is more likely to place a hybrid TDM/ IP platform in some (perhaps distant) location central to its customer base and in proximity to its technical support staff. In this scenario, a broadband local loop connects the user sites to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which provides access to the ASP through the Internet, as illustrated in Figure 3.17. Note that the broadband local loop will support a number of simultaneous VoIP and data sessions. The integration of voice and data at the local loop level consolidates circuit requirements and thereby reduces associated costs. This approach also compares most favorably with traditional Centrex, which required either a local loop per station or an expensive remote line shelf on the premises, with expensive T1 or E1 TDM local loops back to the Centrex host.
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New to Windows 7, Live Concerts is a front end to the live music concerts that are offered through Microsoft s MSN Video service. There s a decent collection of shows available, and while each does come with limited commercial interruptions, the quality is pretty good, as shown in Figure 15-35.
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No discussion of the Windows 7 user experience would be complete without a look at the ways in which Microsoft has evolved Windows Explorer in this release. Windows Explorer first appeared in Windows 95, replacing the many horrible manager programs (File Manager, Program Manager, and so on) that plagued previous Windows versions. It was a grand idea, but then Microsoft made the mistake of combining Internet Explorer with the Windows shell. Starting with an interim version of Windows 95, the Windows Explorer shell has been based on IE, and since then we ve suffered through a decade of security vulnerabilities and the resulting patches. In Windows 7, that integration is a thing of the past. Windows Explorer has been completely overhauled, and it s quite a bit better than the Explorer shell in Windows XP, and also quite a bit different. (It s also quite different from the Windows Vista shell, which can be disconcerting.) Microsoft has also introduced some new terminology into the mix, just to keep us on our toes. So My Documents is replaced by the Documents library in Windows 7, for example. (Likewise with all the other special folders: there are now Libraries for Pictures, Music, and Videos, and you can make your own libraries. We look at this functionality in 5.)
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Assembly Visualization offers several ways to sort and display the components in an assembly.
Using Sensors
Digital frequency modulation (FSK) has both advantages and disadvantages compared to digital phase modulated systems. The advantage of FSK is that it allows its power
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